Should I get Northern King Battlepass or wait

what are those battle points progression?

+150? Is that like geting level 150 or how is that working if I buy the 2500GE battle pass?

Yeah I know that. But at this point I can’t reach 125 without buying my way to it, and I’m not doing that. If I hadn’t lost like 2 weeks of BP playing from moving I’d have have it

No. Every level is 10 points. You can points for just logging in. Enough for about 20 levels. Then you can get 5 points between the easy and medium daily tasks. You can 5 more from the special task from the war bond shop.

There are also challenges during the BP that have 30 points each. Then if you do all of them (I think there are 15) you get an extra 45 points.

You can buy the BP or you can buy the upgraded BP, which gives you 150 points as well as you can get the locked stuff.

And if you make it to level 105 you can get the coupon for the free vehicle and 125 for another one. With both of them you can get the next BP and you can keep both vehicles. It’s generally worth it, seeing as the top vehicle is normally about $50 USD on the marketplace.

I’ll add photos with labels later, to help with this explanation. If you have any more questions feel free to PM me :)