Should I buy the M1A1 Clickbait pack?

It’s at 50% off right now at 35 bucks; I’m currently at 6.7 BR and I don’t really know if I want to buy it or not

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I Would say buy the clickbait I went ahead and did it and it was worth it I’d say other people would say otherwise but it was a pretty good deal to be honest but it is your choice at the end of the day

I’ll be honest:

The vehicle is good, fine for grinding US, but, do you have any other option? The issue isn’t the vehicle but the players, most top tier matches are full of people that aren’t used to play in manual loaded things like Abrams.

And when you need them, they mostly can’t help you, but as mentioned by Gal1, it’s your choice, but as you wanted a suggestion/opinion about this subject, I leave mine here.


No. The KVT is better in every way for the BR it’s at, and honestly has some slightly better teams.


Buy the KVT. It gives you a second Abrams at 10.3 a lineup where the US still has relevance.

The Click-bait has no functional SPAA to use alongside it and taking the only current option it uptiers you to 11.7 letting you see things like the KH-38ML which have a range of 40KM (the ADATS’s max range is 10KM).

Until Gaijin finishes the American tree you’re buying what is the equivalent of early access. At 11.3 you also already have two Abrams ingame you can use albeit one is a squadron vehicle.


KVT is worse than the clickbait respective of BR, because the clickbait has functional turret armor vs the russian round at 11.7, whereas the KVT has turret armor that doesn’t work against russian MBT even lower BR than it (turms etc.).

KVT is the worst mbt at 10.0, and its at 10.3.

Is the KVT garbage? No. Its just not performing it’s role as good as the leopards, and it certainly can’t brawl like russian tanks.

Wolfpack has a round that works at any BR and can be uptiered to 11.3 w/ clickbait so you have 2 vehicles. The only problem is if you want to buy CAS, the F4S is mediocre CAS/CAP at 11.3 (sparrows and rear aspects vs all aspects and fucking fox 3’s), the A-10 barely functions at 10.3, and straight up unflyable against pantsir if you are queing 11.3.

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yes and the apache

Do you want to spawn in CAS?

If not then I’d buy the clickbait because its a better tank at its own BR.

If you enjoy playing CAS you should buy the KVT, because you have a bunch of good TT and premium CAS at that BR. Whereas with 11.3 you need something that can either BVR with fox 3’s or something like the su25m3 with its BS 40km AGMs. F111 suicide rush is always valid too if you can evade pantsir.

Than you’re playing the KVT wrong. I’ve gotten plenty of kills, nukes, and great matches just because of shot placement and its mobility alone. It’s a wonderful tank, and for a rather new player to the top tier of GRB, I still maintained a pretty decent KD in it last I checked. Sure its armor may be lackluster against some Russian rounds, but things pretty strong against anything else (minus the 10.3 challys round).

It’s a much better option, and a much better grinder. 11.3 is miserable right now, and everyone who has played both 10.3 and 11.3 America can attest to that.

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You play all NATO tanks the same. Im sure you have gotten kills in it. But that doesn’t change the fact the KVT can’t bounce dm23 or bm42 with its turret cheeks reliably. It also has a mid as hell round. The clickbait can bounce the rounds it sees with its cheek (this matters alot sniping) and it has a very resepectable round.

10.3 is getting a lot worse with 11.3 and 11.0 premiums. You WANT to play 10.0, and 10.0 america is much stronger than 10.3 because of the matchmaking.

The only problem with 10.3 is you kinda got cucked by the br changes and all your good cas is there.

KVT is arguably better than the Leopard and far better in a down tier than it. Against rounds like DM23 105, OFL 105 F1, DM13 120, etc, it’s only weak spot is the turret neck (the breech is too unreliable and the cheeks and LFP have too much armor). It is also just as mobile, if not more mobile, than the Leopard. It also gets a 5 second reload which beats or is equal to almost every tank it fights.

Yes M774 is weaker on its own than DM23 120, but the reload more than makes up for it. And M774 can still reliably pen the areas you’d be aiming at with DM23 anyway.


I’ve had plenty of non pens by DM23 and, with the right turret angle, even a non pen from 3BM42 every once in awhile if they aim for the wrong cheek. If you get the right turret angle, your cheeks become immune to most rounds you’ll face, except the more modern rounds that all these tanks face anyway in uptiers.

Dont forget, 3BM42 isn’t a problem if you just kill them first :P
No seriously I actually mean it, you have better mobility than a vast majority of the vehicles at your BR, have an amazing reload and round (call it lackluster all you want, it gets the job done the same as any other 400mm pen round), and great turret traverse and reload. You will get the first shot in most cases (if you play it right), and against all tanks using rounds that can pen you anywhere, you can usually kill them in one shot with the right shot placement. The tank is far from situational as many other tanks are, as it can handle itself in pretty much all situations and use its excellent mobility to get into any situation you would want to be in, and reverse out of any developing situation you wouldn’t want to be in.

Sure 10.3 isn’t as great for CAS with the A-10 late moving up, but the A-10 Early, (is the tram also still 10.7?), A-7D, and the F-111A are all great CAS jets from my experience.
but honestly, is the 11.3-12.3 CAS/SPAA setting any better? Panstir-S1 in pretty much every single match that ain’t a full down tier, and your own SPAA options absolutely suck.

Although yes I do agree, the new 11.0-11.3 premium spam is making the uptiers a bit more constant, but considering how brain-dead they tend to be, at least it’s bearable. Least the 11.0s have no armor… but uhh there’s still the T-80U-E1… and the other scary 11.3 premiums

Sorry I meant that 10.0 is good for ground, but the CAS/CAP you want to probably play is 10.3.

10.3 is just a bad BR now when it used to be great. 10.0 is the sweetspot now, since 10.3 is not guarenteed downtiers anymore.

Why spend so much money on a game that may no be here next year? Buy something real.

You say you’re at 6.7 OP? get T29 and M26E1. I can only say fun is guaranteed with those two

Those packs (if they are packs) aren’t on discount, and they also can’t research too far into the tree.

If you know, you know but I’m not telling )))))
Regardless of the sale they’re much more fun than top tiers so it’s already a plus there

Ey fair enough, but it just doesn’t look like the premium that will help him the most when the top tier packs cost less than them rn and are more helpful.

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Sure you can but you’re not gonna enjoy it unless you enjoy like ten losing streak
Tank is not bad tbh