Should Gaijin add the lynx kf41 120 to the game?

In the Hungarian subtree, you can find the kf41 with the 30mm cannon, but its 120mm variant should be included? Italy and Hungary do not have many good exponents,s If you asked me, it would be the last techtree that I would recommend, since the leopard does not provide good performance for 10.3 and the kf41 does not have much armor, I do not have to mention the ariete’s, or its spaaThe only Italian tanks that would be saved would be the Centauro, and they are not even very good, since they have apfsds of 590mm penetration,It is certainly not very good, maybe it has good things but not enough to consider it a techtree exponent, if a tank were added to Hungary, it would not be fair to have the Lynx 120 to complement the Hungarian subtree , or even the complete technological tree,The features of the lynx 120 are similar to the kf41 with its 30 mm cannon, only the cannon changes, there is not much to add, it is the same hull,the turret and gun are the main changes, it’s just a suggestion,But I don’t think many would disagree with the addition of the lynx kf41 120.🦆

I fear that it would become a money grab like the CV in Swedens tree. But it all depends on Gajin.

I mean, as much as the answer of the potential of the Kf41 120 being added can be said as yes, adding it under the Hungarian tree is an absolute no, which is not me stating my opinion but a fact of the game itself. The reason the Kf41 was added with the Hungarian tree is because Hungary actually operates it, the Kf41 120 is a vehicle no one has adopted yet which means it would never be added under the Hungarian tree unless Hungary adopted it into service, using the rules of making suggestions as an example and speaking from past experiences about making them, you cannot suggest the Montana class battleships as no materials were ever assembled for the ships themselves, and while the stuff they would have used existed for other ships as well that is not considered valid to suggest such a vehicle, what you are suggesting is essentially that which is why I state the answer as NO, because while the Kf41 120 exist it would fall under the same circumstance since just because they the kf41 doesn’t mean they can get a variant that they don’t even operate.

Now it is still possible to add the kf41 120 to the game currently, but due to a lack of operators it would default to Germany like the VT4A1 did to China because while the VT4 is used by other countries no one is using the VT4A1 yet. Also, even though I said all that I am not trying to dash your hopes and all, I am just stating the blunt facts, but if Hungary did adopt the Kf41 120 I wouldn’t mind them getting it.


The KF41 120 is under development by Rheinmetall and the Hungarian government as a weapons package, it may not be available but there is a government that has adopted it and is developing it

Well, Rheinmetall is still a German company, and no vehicle has had the factor of production location be a determining factor to who gets it, and I don’t recall any of Gaijin’s wording on adding the Kf41 to Hungary to indicate that was an actual factor and not the simple fact that the one we have in-game is a Hungarian Kf41. This is also not to mention, not all of the Hungarian Kf41’s have been built in Hungary, as the first vehicles were built in Germany (which is literally stated on their website), so while they now have the ability to produce it in Hungary themselves, the fact that they have very much been produced by Germany for Hungary cancels out that justification.

As I said before, just because the Hungarians operate the Kf41 does not mean they are able to get the Kf41 120 in the game due to the simple fact that Hungary does not operate the vehicle. The fact that they are able to produce the Kf41 themselves cannot be considered a factor, especially since if they aren’t producing the Kf41 120 themselves which they defiantly are not because the Kf41 comes from Rheinmetall and not Hungary, so without an actual operator and Rheinmetall being German if the Kf41 120 were added now to the game the only place it is capable of going is to Germany. Going back to the Montana class battleship, it can never be added to the US in-game because while the parts it would have used existed for other ships (the Iowa class in particular), the lack of any parts for a Montana class being built did not exist, the same applies to the Kf41 120 for Germany as while Hungary operates the Kf41 they do not operate the kf41 120 so despite it being a real vehicle it may as well have never been built in regards to the suggestion rules when you try argue it to be added under Hungary. Another way to put it is that the Kf41 120 you want to see added to Hungary now would be a paper vehicle, since a Hungarian Kf41 120 does not exist.

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Ok,got ya point,maybe on the future that might change,anyways tnx for the reply

thats not the case, Hungary is developing a 120mm version of the KF51 Panther called the KF51 EVO, not the KF41 120.
like @de_Radio_Demon already stated under the current rules the KF41 120 would be added under the german tree, that being said its a worse option then the Boxer RCT 120, which is more superior either way.

In the same way germany would get the known KF51 Panther 130mm version, because hungary is developing the 120mm version on a büffel chassis.

Besides that no idea what you look at, but the centauro is a great vehicle. And the KF41 120mm would be 11.3 as well and not 10.3 like u want it to be



like i already stated yes

Just in case anyone wants to know more.

Would it be cool, yes, would it be funny, yes.

It was never, or has not been, fielded by any armed forces or MoDs’. Therefore, I say no, for historical realism, but if it was to come to the game, its home would be the German TT, as they have nothing akin to it. So, it’s possible, if they adopt it, but the KF-120 was an overnight conversion for a display in 2022, not yet an official product of Rheinmetall.

As nice as it would be, it states there that it’s a project, and hasn’t been fielded, just like the MGCS, I mean, if Hungary gets the KF-51, I’m fine with Germany getting the MGCS, doing an injustice for an injustice. Just gotta figure out what to give France for losing the MGCS, unless they get it too.

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funny thing is that still had full working condition xD

Hey @Zyranovos been awhile lol

KF51 EVO, is just to early right now, it cant be added yet, dont think grumpy wants that either
Right now only standard KF51 could be added for germany.
But for the future EMBT 2018 / EMBT 2022 /MGCS should all be added to france and germany at the same time since they are collaboration projects


Do You realize hungary bought the KF41 from rheinmetall a GERMAN company and they havent bought whatsoever any KF-41 120? The KF-41 120 dosent belong in the hungarian tech tree just cuz there is a rheinmetall factory i’m hungary that is too much of a stretch

What’s up?

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Yeah, it was to fully display its multi-use systems and ease of conversion, without having to swap anything too major, other than the gun.

Edit: Modularity, that’s the word I was looking for after display.

jup, that is true, for that matter the only KF41 variant that Hungary will receive for that matter.
Kf41 skyranger variant will go to hungary because they officaly ordered it. But not any other KF41 variant as of currently

Yeah, can’t wait for the F-18 to be in a bunch of nations, as well as the F-35 in the distant future.