Should Gaijin add Hungarian helis?


No i am genuinely asking, did you mean something specific? Even if you didnt, i would be interested to hear your open thoughts about Gaijins approach to minor nations in general, why you think they do what they do and what you think they should do instead.

The work they have done with the South African sub TT is excellent, that of the Finnish and Hungarian TT subs is not, too many non-unique vehicles that do not attract new players in some cases we are talking about vehicles inferior to those that could be added with minimal effort, this It’s my opinion, only time will tell who is right.

What is the end goal you would like to see with the minor nations? For example, for me, i would like to see 2 things, several competative lineups at different br’s with several different types of ground vehicles and cas, and simply for more people to play the minor nations. As far as i can see, the changes are moving towards that end goal.

Since now they just made it into a single line… I think they should add H225M on the side. I don’t mind if it only gets the unguided rockets, I enjoy those too (and I think it can carry AA missiles too, so it wouldn’t be useless). Mi-8 wouldn’t be bad either.