Should friendly fire risk from artillery be removed?

I had one unfortunate accident in one of the battles - I called in artillery strike on the enemy tank’s location, but by the time artillery arrived, a friendly was in the place, and so…

I didn’t notice a T option appearing to apologize soon enough, instead typed in sorry in chat.
It raises a question really, most ways to cause friendly fire are removed in Realistic Ground battles, yet artillery for some reason remains an… option.

Should it stay like this?
Or should artillery be subject to the same rules as other weaponry and be removed from the risk of causing friendly fire?

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I dont see this as a reason for removing artillery. S*it simply happens sometimes.


There needs to be an element of risk involved with arty. Otherwise, there would be people pinning other players and just dropping arty on themselves. Or in situations where the two teams are close together, say opposite sides of a small building or street corner etc., there’d be no need to try and work out how to flank or maneuver. You’d just drop arty. Think about the times where you’re trying to cap a zone and an enemy comes in the other side and stops the capture, without the risk associated with arty a team could just spam arty onto the zone. Also it would take away from the heroic self sacrifice of calling arty in on yourself when you’re totally disabled and the enemy is moving in close to finish you off.


It takes a while for artillery to arrive… Usually, the enemy evades it.
But, I suppose I see a point.

There is a warning. If a team mate drives into an arty attack, it’s on them. I see this all the time and same, made the odd team kill. Only the cost has gone up not the IQ of players

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If they drive into an area with orange smoke/explosions going off, and usually a big warning across the middle of their screen then that’s on them.

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No and imo regular friendly fire should also not have been removed.

Risk for who, though? Sure, the person who drops the risky artillery has to eat the repair cost, but it’s the innocent person who had artillery dropped on them that has the most direct consequence, losing a tank. Why should they be punished at all for the carelessness of another person?

It’s all well and good to say that you should just avoid being in friendly artillery, but it’s not always that simple. Players can call it on you when you’re pinned in position. Or call it when you’re knife fighting an enemy at close range. If you pusing into it after the smoke rounds land but before the main barrage, you get no warning. And then of course you have those wonderful Gaijin’d moments where an artillery strike half a block away has one single fragment touch your track, which instantly overpressures you.

I don’t understand the need for any ability to teamkill, regardless of mode or method. Sure, it allows you to punish people for bad play, but it causes far more annoyance at being the victim of bad play. I have no objections to keeping the ability to kill yourself with your own tools like artillery or bomb splashes, because you’re the only victim. But I see no reason to allow bad play to affect your teammates so directly.

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A voice message “incoming arti on x, y” with markings on the minimap would suffice (normally).

But sometimes i think you can turn off the minimap somewhere.

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If it was a problem, I’d say yes, but out of hundreds or so matches, I’ve rarely ever FF killed teammates w/arty.

Yeah, it would be a good addition to have an automatic radio message played of “calling artillery in X, Y coordinates!” or something among the lines, visible to the team chat.
It should reduce the cases of this friendly fire.

I’d rather just see arty removed and replaced with something more interesting, driving light vehicles just becomes a game of dodge the artillery, and any attempt of a zone capture is also just everyone spamming it.

Somehow arcade has a better artillery system where you actually need to earn the artillery, but we cannot have consistency so RB had to be different.

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Teamkilling should be removed outright in my opinion, it serves no real gameplay purpose and incentivises people to go after eachother whatever the reason may be.

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I understand. It darkens my heart when I call for arty and then see one of my teammates drive right into the zone after blowing away the tank that was sitting there. But like real life, it happens sometimes and I accept that I just have to try and use the best judgement I can. At least you apologized. That was quite human of you. But most of us know that a strike can come from any side at any time.

Now I just try to estimate the risk to my team before I call for it and if I have time I will announce. “Arty incoming G2” only takes a few seconds to type if you are hidden. If not, hit the button and pray. :D

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Game for some reason tends to mark that as chat spamming… So, I prefer to see them implement the automated message to allies, at least.

That’s not spamming unless you are putting out multiple messages.

The minimap actually shows where your allies are placing artillery, and I often do call out that I’m putting out artillery, and mark it then on the map, then place it.

Overall this is a nothing issue, and there are things you and the team mates are ignoring that leads to this.

It should also be F to apologize, same as the thanking for repairs.

Which I tend to do, as I click the minimap and say what sort of tank I think I see.

Minimap is a bit too small for this. It would indeed be better if there was an automated message the team receives about incoming artillery strike.

I wouldn’t say ignoring - more like not noticing due to the relatively frantic nature of combat in WT, and the limited size of the minimap.

Yeah… but I ended up typing in chat, in that situation.

You need to start using that system or you will end up in another problem.

People need to pay more attention, and be more structured and thinking in thier communications, no matter how frantic you think it is.

Then the game should be turn-based, not real-time.

What nonsense… Be more aware, look around more.

Don’t drop artillery on where your team is going to push, put it on the OTHER side of the cap.