Should China’s M60TTS be lowered to 8.7?

Compared to the original M60TTS in the United States, the Chinese version lacks ERA and 774, But they are all at 9.0BR.
The China’s version is not as good as the original US version in terms of firepower and protection, so should we lower the China’s version to 8.7BR or increase the US version to 9.3?


Nuh uh

A bit late to the party here, but yeah, the Chinese M60 absolutely needs some rebalancing.
Either they drop it to 8.7 or just give it M774. As it stands, it’s not worthy of 9.0 at all and it isn’t balanced at to its American counterpart which beats it in the armor and firepower aspect.
The Chinese M60s top round with 292mm of pen has 80mm of pen less than the American version and is the single worst top dart at 9.0 with the next being DM23 at 337 mm of pen, still almost 40 extra mm of penetration over the dart available to the Chinese tank.

Certainly. 8.7 would be the right BR for it, and also very necessary as the 8.7 lineup has been butchered - and vehicles such as the PTZ89 and PGZ09 are left without a proper lineup.

American one cannot go up as it is a bad vehicle as it stands.

…hence the considerably worse Chinese TTS should be 8.7.

I’d like to see most M60s dropped

Well, no. The American one is fine at 9.0. I personally used the Chinese M60 TTS that’s far worse than the American one and I thought it was usable, but shouldn’t be 9.0. The American one with a far better shell and ERA clearly must be just fine at 9.0.

The Israeli Magach 6A is 8.0 and doesn’t have any fancy features - but is one of the best 8.0s easily just because of the improved turret.


Dropping it down to 8.7 makes too much sense. Its more likely to move up to 9.3.

Why the hell would it be the same BR as the RISE or Cheiftain mk3?

This could be easily fixed by giving it m774

Nah, don’t try to keep other trees down just because you have a bias. The M60s for USA are also all bad.

Do you perhaps have a reading disorder?

I’m saying that I played the far, far inferior version of the tank that is 9.0 - and did fine.
That is to say - the Chinese one should be 8.7 and the US one can stay at 9.0. The Chinese one is considerably worse and should be a lower BR regardless. If you’re implying the US TTS should be 8.7 - then the Chinese one should be 8.3, where I think it would be too strong.

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Doing “fine” is not a record of how good a vehicle is. Vehicles are measured independently. The US M60A1/A3 are bad. Period. They need buffs as well. If the chinese one is worse it also needs buffs. Simple.

That said, nowhere is there a guarantee that worse/better vehicles are different BRs. There are many examples of inferior vehicles being the same BR. The game is too compressed.