Shoe Box Army

I did not believe the amount of map clipping going on till i see this map below. 450m from spawn to cap and 450m wide. Shoe box army. On a map this small, tbh not this small. and i am in my centurion and come face to face with a tiger i dont get the kill only assits because my team keeps butting in


BR 7.7

There are no clipped maps viewable in mission selector. So please everyone screen shoot your WT clipped maps from game and post here. Many players are in disbelief.


This is a serious issue. Gaijin is removing flank routes which is directly going to affect tons of vehicles performance. They need to fix spawns and sightlines not just cut the “problem parts” away.

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Its very serious issue, 1 bomb can wipe out your whole team and it only needs a cap and an assist to do so, game over in 5min. No room for support, no room for SPAA, no job for scout. Cant even shoot at the enemy with a slow tank because your team or lots of dead tanks is in front of you.

12000lb bomb on the lancaster has a destruction radius of 114m thats 228m wide, half the width of the map, quarter of the length.

holyshit I don’t really play ground anymore so I thought you guys were just overreacting, WTF IS THIS CHANGE WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA. This is actually retarded and is just as bad as you make it out to be.

Whats worse is that this is happening in 12.0 GRB

These tiny maps with modern vehicles is really horrible.

Really difficult to SPAA, very boring and linear game-play, little skill required.

Keep adding new vehicles to try to print money, but you’ll kill the game with your refusal to make better maps and game-modes.

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I wish players liked the bigger maps more but players choose to like smaller maps & ban bigger maps.

That would require them to actually do work and maybe git gud at map design.

I had a match just now for the first time on the big goldern quarry and it was so much better

Or undo what they have been doing, ive just found out that most maps there many differnt versions from small, big snow, summer etc, then theres the battle, domination and what ever else but you can only like alll the map types.

I reakon someone from gaijin is on holiday and messed the br settings up or some of the young players that are coming up through the ranks still have them as favourites

The problem unfortunately is that on bigger maps the spawns are usually very open leading to being easily spawn killed. top tier ground rb is tragic now.

Apparently getting spawm killed is due to lack of skill by some WT players

The most annoying thing about it was that it came as an unannounced surprise.

Left hsnd does not know what the right hand is doing

Doubtful. I’m sure it was discussed and signed off on by Gaijin mgmt. They just never bothered to inform/involve their customers other than a vague announcement of “map changes”. They do this a lot with things big and small like airfield AA effectiveness etc.

It could be a genuine mistske ie, map made smaller for lower BR. Why is no one taking screen shots ofvwhat they are claiming

Found another

Just look at my view range cone

People whined enough to get it changed. I hate to be one of those people, but we’re probably going to have to whine to get it back.

Maybe Gaijin need to add map that you can kill the enemies right after spawn within 200 meter all you had to do is click

They did add that. Call naval

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As long as Gaijin keeps streamlining their maps Yes. Gaijin seriously needs to ignore the vocal minority who complain about the dumbest things with the most idiotic opinions ever. Rather listen to ones who are in the middle ground.

Which it doesn’t feel like they do. Personally rather see the developers on a stream, all of them read people’s comments as well as critiques and such. While avoiding the ones insulting them unless part of it is a CC(Constructive criticism). Obviously with translators.

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