Shenyang f-5 constantly getting uptiered

Shenyang f-5 while being at 9.3 BR always gets uptiered into air RB at 9.7-10.0 BR and above. Why won’t it just get a small buff and a BR of 9.7?

Well, it’s untrue that you “only” get uptiers, no BR in this game “only” gets uptiers besides 1.0.

That said, what would you buff about it? You can’t change anything to make it fake ie not true to the real vehicle.

On one hand, unless gaijin is witholding some historical payload from it, or unless its artifically gimped, i dont see how it can be “buffed” other than moving it down in BR which opens whole another can of worms.

On the other, we already have yak-141 in game, so anything goes for payloads i guess.

Just learn to play SimEC if you don’t like uptiers. The solution has been here the entire time, yet people ignore it. 🤷‍♂️

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A MiG-17, with afterburner, and two pretty decent caged missiles. Not to mention the amazing 37mm guns, and better maneuverability than most aircraft of the BR, J32B sits in the same spot, less maneuverable, a bit slower, but carries more missiles, no tracers, and also, constantly gets up tiered. Don’t think it’s just this aircraft suffering up tiers. As for giving it a buff, it’s because it’s not historically accurate.

The Shenyand F-5 is in a really sorry state right now. There’s no real buff they could give it and even if there was, moving it to 9.7 wouldn’t solve the problem because 9.3 and 9.7 are both BR hell holes where everything is consistently dragged to 10.3 and 10.7.

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  • Decent

When I say decent I mean very comparable to every other missile at the BR, it’s obviously no AIM -9G, and definitely not a R-60.

Eh, i have just bad memories of AIM-9Bs from back when i was researching F-4F late, ie some three years back.

I can only imagine them getting worse with additions of all aspect heatseekers on a10/su25 and planes with morbilion flares.

They are definetievly one of the missiles in the game.

Yeah, dealing W/ A-10’s sucks, + no flares is worse. But I’m past that, got the AJ37 and the Sea Harrier FRS.