Shaming AAA Campers

Yeah, so, you’re lying again. But you like and support people who lie about other players so that’s no surprise.

Average ground score (me): 1204 lifetime, 1596 last month (as your graphic shows). You 1268 lifetime, 1234 ( I see you played a few games last night to tic it up, good for you) last month. After 10,000 games, last months stats take a while to have an impact. Get your score per game up into the 1300s, then you’ll only be 20% worse than me. Currently you’re actually playing worse than your lifetime average. That’s… Not good.

Again, an average replacement player is 50% on relative position. You: 54, me 64. You know how you get stats like that, with a K/d that high right? Those are ODL stats. You spawn in, if you make enough with early kills you jump into a plane and get some more, and if you don’t you nope out, on to the next game, screw that team. That’s why you have a very average score and the same win rate as me. Because you never stick around to fight it out if things aren’t going well. The couple 2000+ games you get that way are balanced by the larger number of <500 points games where you noped out early.

Which is fine, that isn’t against the rules. Play the game your way. I’m not the one trying to regulate anyone’s behavior here. And I never claimed to be a very good player (just statistically of more value to my team, when taken across all modes*, than either of you… which I am)… Only you claimed that for yourself, when you said anyone defending the specific target of this attack from an utterly false accusation and ban attempt must be a bad player. Then you put up stats yourself only proving you’re very very average in anything but air RB.

Which again is fine. Welcome to average. Drinks on me. I’m also not the one trying to get anyone falsely banned for beating me and then epically butt-hurt whining about it for days, your friend here is.

Re: “I don’t play trash planes”. Yes. You don’t. Which is really the core issue here, isn’t it? As proven by replays, a good player in a “trash plane” eked out just one win for their team from OP the only way the rules allowed them. And here we are days later with a couple fighter mains still crying about the damage to their fee-fees, sniffing like a couple of old hens at the bridge club, “the absolute gall of that player to take out a trash plane and dare to carry with it the one time. He should be banned as a bot and/or shamed out of the game”: “let’s lie about what he actually did and see if we can get that to happen.” That’s the sum total of this pathetic, whiny position you’re still defending here, and everyone who reads this thread can see it. And maybe that’s what’s worth fighting against.

*“When taken across all game modes” was the claim. My win rates are a little higher across all game modes than either of you. That’s now a proven fact. Not “in every game mode.” I know, reading literacy is hard.

He still maintains that …

Not really. He was finished. The ball rested squarely in your field, because you were behind and had to do something about it. You also promised him 5000SL every few minutes if he does hide.
You could have won this perhaps, but you tossed in the towel. The burden of action rested squarely on YOU. You didn’t carry it.

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Regarding who is the better player:
Just pop a rookie wager and do it alone.
Or if you really want to impress, pop an officers wager and do it alone.
Game stats don’t reveal the objectives a player had.
Getting a golden wager done is pure objective play with Gaijin making sure it ain’t no summer breeze.

Brother the post was edited 3 hours ago. Your comment is 1 hour ago.

Alright, I take that back. But you should put the correction before the allegation really, if you want to keep your original text parts.

Imho you are right with most of your views, but i could not add a “like” due to inappropriate wording.

From my pov arguing with the 2 fellow players (btw squad mates) and the rookie pilot makes no sense as it is obvious that they have other targets / goals when playing war thunder. Also stat comparisons make no real sense, due to various reasons.

  1. WT is basically a FPS/3PS shooter. So if you want to rack up kills you need a fighter.
  2. If you see this as a shooter it is logical that your main goal is to increase your kill numbers; the competitive character of all shooter games is reflected by K/D ratios.
  3. As most matches in Air RB are decided by numbers (TDM mode) it is logical that everything what hampers kills (like in this case af aaa) is bad by definition, and players which use this protection are bad as they can’t be killed.
  4. The major flaw of this view is the assumption that all other players have the same goals and their quality can be assessed by applying their own standards.
  5. There is no doubt that high KPB and K/D ratios have impact on the outcome of a match and are decisive as soon as the PvP (ticket) win condition becomes useless - imho the props BRs 4.7 to 5.3 are the main borders.
  6. But below this border it is possible with decent mix of PvE and PvE to win matches without flying a plane optimized for kills, as proven in this example.
  7. Instead of blaming gaijin for giving the option for a “safe zone”, pure fighter players tend to go after pilots in weaker plane classes like in this thread or the pinned af aaa thread.
  8. If like in this dase a rookie fighter pilot got outplayed by a more experienced player in a weaker / not suited for ACM plane class by creating a massive ticket advantage and making himself invincible due to af aaa it is actually a skill issue on the fighter side of wrong decision making earlier in the match.
  9. Regarding stats - imho this discussion was somehow comprehensible 3-5 years ago, but not today. Almost every experienced player has noted and addressed the significant decline of player/pilot quality as result of the massive growth of wt and a new player generation, growing up with CoD and Fortnite.
  10. Basically getting kills became much easier than some years ago as the average skill gap increased. Good for experienced fighter pilots looking to increase their ratios, but bad for experienced pilots looking for a challenge.
  11. So if you are ratio/kill driven there is objectively seen nothing wrong to use a pure (and severely undertiered) fighter like an XP-50 and smash rookies like in clip #25. The problem starts when these “easy kills” sum up and are used as sign of quality.
  12. There is a reason why ratio/kill driven fighters prefer meta planes and avoid “weaker” planes - everything else make no sense from their pov. I recommend to ignore everybody who was not active in weaker planes or refused to fly a German/Italian 5.0-6.0 fighter in the last 6 months. Because there you are facing 5-6 undertiered US/UK fighters in 6 vs 6 matches whilst your team consists of 4 Ju 288s and another poor soul.
  13. It boils down that flying pure fighters / meta planes below 5.0 is no challenge if you have >15-25 days of fighter experience - your experience advantage vs the average enemy pilot is way too large that an enemy can outplay the technical/performance advantage (in case he has some) - even in full downtiers. So pure stats have to be seen in context and are just an indicator of potential skill, but not a real sign of quality.

Have a good one!

It is always good to give advice on something (like flying a twin engined plane in RB) that you never did once. Just as good as a 10 year old giving advice about sex. It is always appreciated.

Average ground score (me): 1204 lifetime, 1596 last month (as your graphic shows). You 1268 lifetime, 1234 ( I see you played a few games last night to tic it up, good for you) last month. After 10,000 games, last months stats take a while to have an impact. Get your score per game up into the 1300s, then you’ll only be 20% worse than me. Currently you’re actually playing worse than your lifetime average. That’s… Not good.

I’m sure you will never be able to figure out why i get 2.7 times more score than you per respawn (including air and tanks) despite constantly hyping yourself up like a “good player”. Go ahead and keep dying 24/7 in matches feeding enemy teams SP, losing matches, and having the same WR as someone who apparently does nothing. Don’t worry, it doesn’t take a genius to see you’re not good in GRB (especially after seeing how you play). Not to mention, you are the one that decided to first bring up stats trying to hype yourself up in front of me who knows he’s better in GRB.

I just find it funny that my past 20 GRB matches result in an average score far better than you (27.067% better). But wait, it gets better. For the past 20 matches my average relative score was 87.95%. A whole 37% better than you. Now that’s hilarious.

Just keep on coping chief.

You can also go ahead and keep making up lies about me defending the OP too and “trying” to get someone else banned lol. The constant stream of buffoonery from you is hilarious.

a good player



Guys, seriously:
Ultimately, the game’s goal is to win. So if you want to compare who is the better individual player, you should not look at accumulated win rates, which are often not even considered during play. Set yourself the goal to win game after game. Pop a golden wager and see how far you get alone. Everything else is just dress rehersal. KD will not say whom you killed. Win rate will not show if you were squadded most of the time, etc.
But to win 10 or 20 games in sequence, alone, with at most 2 strikes requires you to be a good player.

It’s generally funny to see how many people in this thread here defend or support AF camping,
in a PVP game mode where IT’S THE MAIN GOAL to kill the enemy team
(I’m very pro for an ARB-rework, like ARB EC we had in the past)

but reading this mess of some weird gibberish of actual bad players (being bad is nothing to be ashamed of)

AF camping is like the most retarded way to play the game
the AF camper wastes his time, the enemy team wastes its time
so both parties end up with less RP/SL with AF or dealing with a AF Camper in the time they wait for each other

Just play fighters and not bombers
and if you reaallllly want to bomb, bomb your base - and leave.



If the camper leads, then the other team indeed wastes their time if they don’t respond by playing objectives. The camper is not wasting his time, he is actually earning solid RPs every second, especially if he secures the win.

Utterly wrong. You should read up on RP in air RB. But if you feel that way, just concede the match.

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it’s not like that it got proven already that playing the game as a fighter will result in more rewards

if the camper stretch that bullshit to the full 25mins, hes indeed wasting RP and SL
since the avg ARB match lasts for not even 10mins, he wouldve already made more SL and RP in the next game then waiting for the other game to finish after 25mins

I am sure he won’t sit there this long once your team shows any willingness to win the match. In most matches I was in, AF campers quit when they see that they can’t keep their lead. But if your team doesn’t contest his win, why don’t you just forfeit the game, so no precious time is wasted?

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Why is this such a typical response when PvE bots get confronted with reality…

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Too bad the majority of the time that never actually happens.

Yeah I’m sure the people in these clips are going to get more RP by dying 4 mins later instead of 1 min.

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Maybe because they have patience and you don’t?

maybe dont play PvP when you want to play PvE

Your GRB stats are genuinely awful so why even try to brag/argue with them? I get that people that defend airfield camping tend to be shitters but this is a new low to reach.

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Patience with what exactly? They clearly didn’t take the time to think through what they said or took the time to learn how to play the game if they are saying stuff like this…