Shall we have J10 in game now?

Chinese air craft J10 is designed to fight F16.
Now there are already F16C in game, and so many country have it. But the Chinese most significant jet, J10, is still missing.
J10A can lunch PL8, PL11, PL12. It’s easy to find a suitable place in techtree.

  • Yes, I want J10 in game.
  • No, I don’t want J10.
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I mean, I get the addition of the J11A, but I’d rather have that one foldered and have the J10 as an actual next step in the tree.

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Comparing planes to others already in the game isn’t really a great argument for them to be added.

Make a proper suggestion in that section instead:

Here is more information for you to use:

Considering we have F-16C with a radar from the 2010s which will be relevant up to at least 14.0 when it gets AIM-120C later variants and aim-9x…

I think the time for J-10A is behind us and we need a newer variant like J-10B

Current top tiers on blue side are way more capable

Gimme my Lavi first hehe

I really wonder how its gonna be balanced despite not having the ability to carry flares

*looks at Yak-141 *

I think it’ll be just fine…
given the Yak was _a special case implemented to fill a gap in the Russian TT line, and that the Israeli air tree is quite barren atm, I think we could see it implemented with full production standards, possibly including countermeasures for balancing sake. It’s in quite a similar position historically as the Yak-141 was, and would help make the tree more unique, such as the Yak-141 has done for the Russian tree/naval line.