Seversk 13- spawning a plane in cloud cover

I swear this isnt even a joke as of the new cloud and weather stuff in the game i have literally crashed into those mountains soon as you spawn in with your plane!!! Gaijin fix this garbage. Your spawning a plane and literally within seconds theirs a damn mountain directly infront of you and you cant even see where it is. This isnt real life and this isnt a simulator, why on earth should i immediately have to climb and lose all my speed to avoid the damn mountains i literally saw 3 people alone today crash into those mountains

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It can happen on any map that has bad weather

It used to happen in maps with good weather too.

Knows mountains are there, continues to crash into moutains. Sounds like a you problem. If you can’t look at the map and tell the terrian around your spawn, then you should learn how to read a topigraphical map. Very very useful in this game as terrian features can be identified quite easily. Keeps you from hitting mountains if you read the map properly.

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