Severe damage vs. critical hit

Check my result in this mission. Wonder how I can make 5 destruction and 5 severe damage, however only 3 critical hits. Does that mean I have to be gentle with the enemy, as not to damage too much, however enough to get the critical hits. Just today needed 36 critical hits for ‘normal’ challenge ??? This challenge seems rather tough in view of above considerations.


noticed the same in Air AB. Had to get 100 critical hits for special task. easy task before the change to the new system was implemented. but after 4h i had only 17 as far as i remember.
changed to a kill task and that worked as intended.


The critical hit problem exists at least since the 15th of February.


There are already two topics about this issue:


Nothing here is new in a general sense; it’s always been possible to outright kill a plane without actually getting a Crit in the process.

Don’t think of Hit/Crit/Severe/Kill as stages of damage, but rather simply different, separate types of damage. As for “trying” to get any specific type, that’s generally just a recipe for frustration, as has always been the case (trying for assists, trying for fires, etc). Just play the game normally and you’ll get them.

This is poor advice at the moment. It was true before the 15th of February, because if you had a game with 10 kills and some assists, you also had like ~10 critical hits. Now you need like 50 kills to get 10 crits. So the correct advice is to swap assist tasks in arcade air.