Server replays, cockpit unavailable?

As title suggests, came across some incredible sim pilots in ww2 eras, wanted to watch them in server replays to see how they go double digits 0 deaths over and over again.

When I select player view it always shows cockpit unavailable? Is this normal now? How am I meant to spot a suspicious player if always it’s a virtual hud?

I haven’t viewed Sim replays, but Air RB ones don’t show the cockpit (shows the virtual hud) so I’d think Sim would be the same. I don’t think it ever has showed cockpits though?

Sometimes it does show the 3D Cockpit, sometimes not. I think it’s a bug…

I have seen cockpits in replays before, so I don’t know when they stopped showing. thats why I make the post.

I’ve seen it work and not work within the same viewing of the same replay, on the same aircraft. No clue what the pattern is however.

Similar for custom skins: sometimes they show, sometimes not, no idea why or when…

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Ok, I checked a few Sim replays, and of the ones that worked it seemed the “top left” player (in the player lists) had a cockpit but the others didn’t. I only saw this 2 or 3 times so not saying that is what is happening – could be purely coincidence.

Not too many chances to see cockpit view in an Air RB battle replay (except for my own), so figured it never worked

So, we can’t tell if they’re using ‘extra help’ or not -_-

I don’t know how much power you have, but please relay onto them, cockpits in server replays is a must, allows us to spot blind deflection shooting, changing position to deflect shot when enemy combatant can’t see where the plane is etc.

I can assure you that the player you are talking about does not use additional “helpers”. Navigating the situation on the map when the enemy team has only a few players and a few bots is quite simple, especially looking at the kill chat.
I’ve seen that there is an option to store server replays locally on the PC, but I’ve never used it. I can try to save a replay of that session and send it for review.

I will admit you are one of the players I encountered who always found my six and killed me over and over. :P I will admit that I’m not ashamed to admit that, I checked your replay and you seemed good.

I am sure if the same player killed you over and over repeatedly you would want to do the same at least to understand what you did wrong…

There are others however especially in the SA region servers. I do wonder how they stay on the tail and deflect shot so accurately over and over even with splitS under the enemy etc.

I have a ping of ~300 on SA servers and haven’t played there much, so it’s hard to say from personal experience, but I’ve heard a lot of stories about weird things happening in sessions on CA servers. What I have personally encountered is the phenomenal accuracy of the turrets of some bomber players. I suppose that their accuracy only seems so to me, because I am extremely bad at shooting from turrets

I live in Australia So I’m use to high ping it is what it is, I can’t beat my geographic location.
There are certain players in this region that regularly go similar kds to what you did to me earlier today.

Your movements are slow and steady, it just seemed always you are in the right position when I am looking at an enemy. Some other players though, they beeline your position early, they always follow you even when your movement is unpredictable or I believe out of their sight, they find you and sit on your six. But without cockpit view it’s hard to determine how they can accurately follow your evasive moves without sight.

I saw something similar in one video about WT cheaters on YouTube - it was a video of ground SB battles. There the plane made an approach to the target, attacked, departed with altitude gain and made a sharp turn to a new target and aimed it rock solid without hesitation - the nose was clearly aimed at the target and would not even move. He did it in one move without any adjustments. And the target is located behind trees or buildings :)

Exactly. I played a bit of ground RB but mostly my experience in Warthunder is in RB. most of my sim experienece is in cliffs of dover, il2, etc. Still I enjoy trying different games, challenge myself. This type of player, can literally ‘LOCK’ your position and follow you around like no tomorrow!

I was around in Il2 days when they discovered a cheat engine exploit that allowed certain players to use the regular labels in sim mode. Also they could change their speed. I often encountered such weird experience like, ‘huh i guess i misread his energy’ but actually the guy just toggling his energy to max in a climb or what have you so funny when you watch in replay a guys energy go from 200km-600 over and over again haha.

Very frustrating. IMHO flights sims have the lowest number of cheaters compared to other games but they still exist and if we can’t analzye a replay to determine what we did wrong or HOW a guy deflect shot us below his field of view, or HOW he predicted our evasive path OVER and OVER without vision, then the game is just like everything else, full of suspicion.

I hope you understand this post really wasn’t aimed just at you, If you check my service record you can see I’m new to War thunder SB but not new to simulator battles, I just want to improve get better and watching replays is a big part of that :)

Salute you sir.