Seriously? All 120mm M1 get 5s reload time

Some update: seems Gaijin made a mistake in the update log, nothing changed.

All 120mm M1 get 5s reload time. I know A7V and STRV122s makes American tanks a little embarrassed, but this is clearly not a good idea. What about others, France, China, Britian. Gaijin can buff M1s with something smoothly and motrsmartly, not this.
Do you think this is Balanced(All 120 M1 gets 5s reload)?

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Dont forget Type 10 with 3,2second right.
But i was expecting this would happen.


I think the Abrams just needs it’s historical armor and spall liner so it can A: absorb a bit more punishment than it currently can and B: force enemies to aim, since DU inserts in the lfp wouls make it a lot more competitive considering that this entire area of the tank leads to incapacitation when shot.


Leclerc: I think it’s FAIR


They are unwilling to push the BR above 11.7 for some reason, so they’ll have to do shenanigans like this.


so chinaMbt


Okay, Abrams with 3.5 second reload.

Some update, someone told me M1 didn’t actually get 5s reload, just a gaijin’s mistake in update blog.

5.3 seconds since let’s be real people aren’t playing the tanks long enough for 1.2mil RP.
Which in the current state of Abrams… yeah, needed.
Ariete needs it more tho.

No Abrams need armor buff with DU insert not reload for god’s sake.


Ahhh someone didnt understand a joke.

Ariete moment we got Dm53 as a “buff” which lets be real was just an excuse for gaijin to increase the br for the ariete to an even more criminal level and now this


That’s cause there’s no joke.
Abrams reloading sprints are 3.5 seconds for at least 7 rounds.

Wow, i would like to see an M1A2 Abrams loader reload for 5 seconds for 18 rounds straight while moving and fighting.


Ok,Type 10 reload is 3,2 second for all 14 round.
But i dont care about that.
I care how all other are left in dust,Leclerc,Ariete and all other AL.

IIRC, 7 seconds is a passing grade for a loader. If the loader can’t manage to load in that time, he’s not considered to be fit for duty. Most loaders load at below 6 seconds, and creme of the crop can even manage under 5. And now after the buffs, Abrams has a theoretical max of 5 seconds, with most crews you’ll see with this tanks being around 5.5-6s. Autoloaders have a hard cap and are usually slower than crew loaded guns with the exception of Type 90 and Type 10, which are recorded at just over 3 seconds. If anything, this change is historically accurate.


They can do that for 18 rounds straight for 5 seconds, while moving and in combat scenario?


The army thinks that 5.5-6 seconds is sustainable, yes.