Seperate WT into two modes, 1935 -1945 and 1946-Now

I don’t want to face post WW2 planes and tanks in AB or RB with my antiquated WW2 ordinance which like many i prefer to play. It’s stupid and rather pointless (life is short enough) and most importantly not fun.


Only if the number of teammates you have is capped in proportion to the size of the armored force each nation had available at the time. No 16 tigers vs 16 IS-2’s, it’ll have to be more like 8 tigers vs 46 IS-2’s because realism.


They tried more historical mm and most people didnt like it.

As for a split that you suggest, are you talking about date of first production, first prototype, or design?
On top of that, i would rather not add more “top tiers” to the game.

Keep it simple, anything that saw service in WW2 (1945) include that whole year for 1935-45 mode.
No quotas or caps of tank types.
Perhaps three modes 1. As we are. 2a Choice of 1935-45 or 2b. 1946 onwards.

In 1935-45 remove all planes/tanks that were designed/saw service after 1945 but who’se BR somehow lets them play against WW2 tanks, thinking of items in Swedish tree here.

In 1935-45 keep all the specials, like Hortens etc etc. and the t34s they made three of but which everyone plays because why wouldnt you want to play the biggest seal clubber in the game.

That would limit some nations by a lot and buff some others by a lot.

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IS-6 was produced in 1944


As well as T-34-100, T-44-100, first prototype of T-54.

Question: what br would be the upper limit for “ww2 mode”?

1935 - 1953 and post 1954 - now

I agree, semi-historical MM would be swell. So later WW2 vehicles can still appear for a powerful mid-WW2 vehicle for example. So up- and downtiers still exist, but not that extreme.

A better solution would be to simply reduce the BR spread for a match from 1 to 0.7
That way there won’t be such a disparity between you and the others when you get uptiered/downtiered.


Me 163 would be so wildly hard to balance. I think the actual solution is just br decompression. Fighting all-aspect missiles in my cm-less plane is insane. Fighting supersonics in my ww2 jet is insane.

More repetitive mm is not the way to go.

Yes. However not just a simple one where they increase max br and spread stuff out. They need to add mid tier vehicles to fill the gaps. Doing this would allow for a more gradual power curve while still allowing a good variety of vehicles to face.

I wholeheartedly agree, but top tier is what earns Gaijin money and as a result we’re unlikely to see much lower tier stuff come. I’m still sad that they moved on from ww2 and the Korean War with so much from those eras yet to be added.

Yeah, now they are getting into deeper trouble as they go further into vehicles with classified parts. I would love to see like 2-3 updates that are just mid rank vehicles and a mix rank of spaa to fill those gaps

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You do realise there is no hard line between ww2 and post ww2 in current BR right?

M4A3E2 (76) W is 1944
M41A1 is 1954

They are both 6.3.

Doesnt matter, most players who rush for Tiger think it will be like Fury movie where they just stand in middle of a field and everything will bounce off of them :D Then they create 1289545259th thread on forum about ww2 and post ww2 BR separation xD