Schützenpanzer Puma IFV: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. Part 2!

After the old forum thread got abandoned due to the creation of the new forums we’ve decided to come foward and recreate a new thread talking about the Schützenpanzer PUMA and in order to do this i will start with the info about the PUMA.

The PUMA ifv came in the update “Wind of Change” as an 8.3 vehicle rapidly moved to 9.7 and then put at 10.0 the issue about the vehicle came up with the fact that it was missing almost all of its features and was settled as one of the most incomplete vehicles that has made it ingame.

List of current issues

-credits to x_Shini_

hence why i re open this thread to speak about this vehicle and share info with the sole purpose of achieving either a fun talk about it or a common fix for the issues of this vehicle, from now on the thread purpose its to share info and talk with other members that are interested in talking about this vehicle.

Bug Reports

PUMA MUSS system is not working as intended (acknowledged)
Puma IFV AHEAD splash radius (achnowledged)
PMC287 long-rod has incorrect mass (acknowledged)>>>> Fixed on current Dev-server(

Bugs from the old forum

Puma IFV Missing Engine name (consideration)
[] Puma IFV’s KLARA ERA provides too little protection. (consideration)
[] Puma IFV upper frontal plate should be a NERA array: (consideration)
revisiting PUMA IFV AHEAD munition (consideration)
Puma IFV’s armour blocks are modelled as structural steel (consideration)
[] Puma IFV lacks NERA plates beneath the CLARA ERA. (consideration)
puma-ifv-no-missile-launch-warning (consideration?)
Puma IFV the entire roof composite seems to be missing. (consideration)
Puma IFV UFP is currently just a single 5mm steel plate (consideration)
Puma IFV AHEAD penetration (consideration)
Puma IFV roof armor (AMAP-R) does not offer projection against EFPs (consideration)
PUMA IFV - inaccurate gun. (consideration)
PUMA IFV - inaccurate gun. (consideration)
[] Puma IFV turret lacks its NERA array (consideration)
[] Protection of Puma's side-composite blocks is too low on the dev server. - Documented Ground Suggestions - War Thunder - Official Forum (consideration)

Collected Sources

Tanks & Technology
German Armor Blog: Puma IFV
Below The Turret Ring: Puma IFV armor and upgrade speculations

estimate armor measures of the PUMA

Amazing work from Yoshi_E this is not mine whatsoever credit him

Credit to FurinaBestArchon, x_Shini_ and Yoshi_E for their work in the old forums, o7.


i Love my PUMA,
so fix them,snail

hope it gets fixed any time soon honestly but i dont think it will get fixed anytime soon at least shell weight its fixed for now

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The three open MUSS reports have been resolved. I don’t know what the results are so you will need to wait to see what it’s like when it hits production.


Puma S1 SOON xD

Its also missing its 5,56mm Ap(c) ammo, currently iirc it only has Ball and T in game.

Let’s hope they fix its armor

The 360 degree coverage definitely isnt and neither is the vertical elevation.
edit: nvm, its obviously not on the production version yet

he means it got fixed internally, which means devs fixed it in the dev server; it hasnt made it live yet

Yeah, already realized that

i forgot i had this thread, so I’ll post it here, There was a datamine for a missile warning system in the files and together with the datamine of the MUSS together with RAM SEGOL being labeled as “aps” this means there is a possibility that we see a MWS for ground vehicles in the next major update or another update


Or we simple call it SOON

Still waiting for AHEAD, the only thing that would make PUMA worthwhile at 10.0, the summer 2024 update talks about programmable HE reworks so I’m crossing my fingers for that.

hopium for smart self programmed ahead when we lock onto stuff

I’m huffing that hopium as hard as I can, hopefully the summer 2024 updates gives me a good reason to play the game.

I can’t promise anything but I’d expect the changes to come with the next major update as we’ve yet to see them so far.


Can you tell us if there is more stuff about the Puma which got recently (updated)

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Need us. We must demand this.

PUMA S1 is not comming yet and probably will come with a damage model rework of the PUMA