SB2C-4 just moved from rank III to rank II?

It was one of the best planes to do daily tasks and BP challenges. Now absolutely useless.

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Question is whether the tech tree distribution is the problem or if task system could use some improvements.

If tasks wouldn’t be tied to certain ranks, nobody would care at which rank vehicles are placed.

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Helldiver was my best plane too for bomber related dailies and BP tasks, luckily the french version is still rank 3.

Whole rank restriction for tasks was probably intended as sealclubbing protection, but gloriously fails at it thanks to BR/Rank changes. Probably they should have used BR instead.

The French version is still at Rank 3. this change was included in the roadmap post from weeks ago

I am sorry for your loss - but tbh i am actually quite happy about this.

See it from this perspective: The Helldiver is just an ideal example of how the wt meta made irl crap and useless planes hidden stars of wt.

So as long as wt is advertising with “accuracy”, “historic” and “realism” it makes no sense that a plane hated by its crews (u can google this) and known for lousy performance is somehow one “of the best planes” (your words) in wt.

+1 - just look at J2M2s at BR 4.3 at rank II. Same story, rather limited success irl (and a total failure regarding the intended role - to intercept B-29s) but due to insane climb and ok turn a pain to fight in wt…