SB is in such a broken state, will it ever be worked on again?


Ive had a lot of fun playing War thunder SB, at first i didnt really notice all its flaws and issues. As time went on it got harder to ignore everthing that is broken about the game, it also got harder to enjoy the game for what it is. Its easy to look past a few bugs here and there because underneath theres still a great game. However SB doesnt just have a few bugs, it is fundamentally broken and in some parts unplayable. I for one cant properly play air EC because of an issue thats been known about for years, but still hasnt been worked on. Playing War thunder has just become an exercise in frustration, disappointment and buyers remorse. Now i havnt been playing War thunder for very long but as i understand it the community have been asking for a functioning game for years with no response. Whats the point to keep paying for a broken and abandoned game? I just want to be able to play it without all the broken bullshit, i dont think thats to much to ask.

Anyhow, would be nice to get any response from the snails even if it was “No we have no plans to work on SB”


Couple years ago it was better, much better. Things that worked back then are now broken. We had a dev working on mission design; we knew who he was; he posted on the forums and he had a vision for Sim EC. If someone had an idea he’d give a reply, “Good idea, I’ll see what I can do,” “Sorry, outside my area of responsibility,” or “No, that’s not going to happen.” Luckily, his vision coincided with what most players were after, IMO.

He’s gone now. No one knows who, if anyone, has taken his place. The work experience kid or the cleaner have broken the missions and ****ed off. Despite all that, Sim EC is still better gameplay than that found in any other WT mode… but that isn’t saying much.


Its such a damn shame. Sim is great they just need to fix it. Why have completely abondoned it? Not enough players? Well fucking remove it then. Sim is all i play, its the reason i play war thunder. I havent put nearly as much money into any other game like i have in WT. Its an expensive game, a ridiculously expensive game. Will you get your moneys worth? Well it depends on what and why you choose to spend your money on. Buying a 89 euro plane to fly sim? Not worth it, its a joke a straight up scam. Does WT as a whole have 89 euros worth of content? Absolutely it does! But not if you want to play sim. Its like going to a buffet but only after paying you see that 75% of the buffet is literal human shit.


Yes, many things are broken, but it depends on what you expect.

Stop grinding and just have some fun.
Go for some dogfights, throw some bombs at bases and then go for dogfights again.

Of course I would like to have new missions like “destroy a bridge” or “support your ground forces”, spotting bonuses when your surveillance plane is alive, and other working stuff, but it seems the sim community is to small and special to invest any effort (=money) in it.

As long as other players are there as intended, I can have fun in a fighter, despite the broken missions.
Sim could be so good with some love from the devs.
I mean DCS and IL-2 are great, but just to complex for most players. The accessibility of WT is unmatched, the realism is enough for most players, but it seems that AB and RB are easier money.

Indeed, AB and RB are just Counterstrike in the air. 😂


Well i expect a playable and fully working game. Lets not forget that war thunder has been in development for over a decade. I think it would be perfectly justified for Gajijn to not put much effort into developing new features or mechanics and whatever for sim. But thats not how it stands right now. They have completely abandoned sim, no fixes, no upkeep, no nothing.

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Well, it’s easier for those issues to get recognized if they are addressed at the correct places, in the correct form. This can be either in the bug portal, or the suggestion forums, depending on the issue, and of course it helps if it is supported broadly by the sim community.

What will not help is a broad statement like “Sim is broken, please fix”, but I’m afraid we will need very concrete and specific points to address and get fixed/implemented.

I’m currently thinking a lot about how we best could go about this in a constructive, helpful and directed way, but atm don’t have as much time for this at hand as I would wish…


I dont have all the answers but im sure all of the old timers here on the forums would love to share their feedback if only they knew someone was listening. I made a thread a while ago for a community wishlist, people did contribute. I tried my best to get people to come and share their thoughts, mostly in-game. You know what the most common response was when i brought it up? “Gajijn doesnt care about sim so why bother”.

Personally i think player of a game shouldnt have to point out obvious flaws for them to get adressed, i can only assume that you have someone employed for quality assurance. However im sure there are more than a few people in this community that would love to write a highly detailed list of every bug, issue or flaw. But only if they knew someone was actually listening. If you made an offical thread for feedback on sim people would flock to it.

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It seems everyone knows them except gaijin … I remeber some very detailed open letters sent to them and getting ignored.

What you said in your message would be usefull if it was backed by developpers, whatever organised feedback that is collected, is gonna be ignored again and again !!!


You are absolutely right. Gaijin should start an official sim topic here for feedback. Gaijin is responsible for the game and therefore the sim. I also think that there will be hail of posts with improvement requests.

The last official topic for feedback was 2021 when Usefull Action was introduced against our will. so 2 years ago.
That was shortly after lastGreyAngel disappeared and the cleaning lady accidentally poured the bucket over the sim servers.

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that’s true, of course. but in the old forum there were thousands of messages with suggestions and wishes that are now all gone. maybe an official person should have read all that before deleting it all.
the fault is not with the players. gaijin is responsible for the state of EC mode, not the players.


Could not agree more.

I am a World War Two airplane junky. I have played online PvP air to air combat, honestly, before Video Cards were added. The Two I knew then were WarBirds and Air Warrior. Warbirds required a telnet connect, which I could not figure out back then, so I went with AirWarrior. I played the heck of that. We finally got Video cards and for the first time you could play full screen and there were textures for the “shapes” Win EA bought out Air Warrior and buried it. I made the Switch to Aces High.

Aces is still out there at “”. Free software, one to two free to play arenas, but their bread and butter was always a subscription to play.

Those earlier “games” were Flight Sims first and “games” second.

WB reversed this. it is Game first and a Flight Sim LAST, if even that.

It took me 6 weeks of hair pulling frustration and out and out online RESEARCH to learn how to make the input from a JOYSTICK useable. It was a nightmare. There is no real help from Gaigin at all. Does anyone remember “User Manuals”. If there is one I haven’t found it.

That said I ran into a lot of info on Gaigin. Russian Company. Thus, anything American or British will not work right at one point or another.

The most heinous mess is the BR rating. Because of that If I fly my P-38E, which was entering Service when Pearl Harbor struck, because of the twisted BR rating I have to fly against Turbo Props that never even flew in World War Two at all, YET I never see the ME 262 which did.

Twisted, and I don’t think it is accidental.

The Turbocharger. P-38s had them from the pototype on. The biggest headache for all new pilots to the P-38s from the YP all the way to the L model was that the pilot have to manually adjust the Turbo, Mixture, Cooling Flaps and a few other things, all of which had to be dealt with just to change the throttel setting. One of the major breakthoughs of the L was that it was all sychned to the throttel.

Turbo Charges. One of only two US fighters so equipped. I have not gotten to test flying the P-47s so I cannot attest to them in this. But the P-38 is completely trashed. One the BR rating is a ridiculous mess. Second you can not manuall control the turbocharger. The controls in the cockpit don’t even move if you go to WEP. Worse Early P38s did not even have WEP which was injection of alcohol or water into the combustion chamber to enhance the power of the piston.

BUT, Pilots who masterd the manual turbocharging settings could do wonders from 30,000 feet, If the temperatures were high enough, all the way to the deck.

Yet you don’t even have them on the plane at all. Oh the animation is there on the outside, but they don’t do anything. This is like flying the 222 modle of the P-38 the British demanded.

The 222, no counterotation of engines, (too much work they said). NO supercharging at all, let alone the Turgocharger. THEN they bitched that the plane wasn;t good enough. LOCKheed did not even want to sell it to them and it was LOCKHEED and Kelly Johnson who dubbed that POS the “Castrated Lightning”.

That’s what we are flying in WB. I went through this morning for a number of hours going throught “Full Realistic Engine Control” just to get to to control those turbos. Nope, nothin, NADA. They I go here,P-38L-5-LO - War Thunder Wiki, and I then go through all the P-38 pages and learn that Gaigin has castrated all the p-38s! Turbo has no ability to control it, and it’s effects are not felt in Game.

I have run into one mess after another of Gaigin presenting what ammounst to “fantasy gaming” when it comes to aircraft. Mostly in the form of the BR rating.

That mess is the biggest headache of all because you wind up flying older models of World War Two air craft against aircraft the did not fly in World War Two, thus completely negating the real benefit of picking a given aircraft. What ever it may have been in the real world is out and out ignored for “Play Balance”

In the case of American World War Two planes they are almost always, “Play balanced” so bad that you fly P-38Es from very early '42 against Turbo Prop aircraft from late 1946, OR you fly against aircraft of which like NONE were made and they were all Prototypes. The Japanese A7M1 being a prime cuplprit.

So like Willaim I began to wonder why. Well,… it isn’t an accident. The Game Works as designed. The design itself is based on and Gaigin goes out of their way to make play so, on their idea that America’s and Great Britain’s weren’t really all that much to write home about.

So, P-38s don’t actually have the turboscharges they really had and you have to fly the E model which I don’t think ever served in combat squadrons against a weird beast like the WYVERN, which in IT"s historical context was a totaly failure.

There is no B-17 G for instance. Just some wierd notation of a B-17 E/L “L” i presume means “late modle B-17E”. Not even in the game.

The time I have wasted on War Thunder, and each time running into a brick wall that prevents me from doing with the planes I like to fly that I should be able to do has left me very happy tha this is FreeWare.

But I will never give Gaigin a dime of my own money. To pay for this would be a complete rip off.

cya out there. I wish the P-38 weren’t castrated. I HOPE the P-47 isn’t, those who fly it with Full realistic engine controls will know for sure. But this is a mess. A real unsupportable mess.

Is’t sad to see this kind of bias in a game that purports to be “realistic”. WT isn’t. Its a fantasy game somewhat less enjoyable than the old game “Crimson Skies”.


Maybe you will be more happy with IL-2, where the planes are much better modelled and you can play around with manual engine controls.

WT SIM is 90% game and 10% semi Sim.
But that’s ok, the fast pace and uncomplicated design is why many are here.

Besides that, you can’t model the 500? different planes in detail.

But the BRs are really messed up.
I understand why they can’t go pure historically. Some time periods would be just unfair for some nations. Imagine the Me 262 at 6.3 or something like that. (But 7.3-8.0 is way to high for them as well)
Many aircraft never saw combat anyway or were just prototypes with big flaws, that are not modelled here.

But why the hell is the chinese Sabre at 8.0? And the one with Sidewinders at 8.3? Even the US, who designed the damn thing start at 8.7.
Then you have also some premiums that are clearly undertiered just to sell them better (Su-11 for example.)

There are just so much inconsistencies.

The community made letters over letters with suggestions and improvements in the last years, but they were just ignored.

So the actual opinion about SIM and the snail is completely understandable

What a load of horse manure,the community has given thousands of Points to fix in both official and unofficial manner .


Could you start an official topic for AIR SB feedback then?

It’s that easy.

Sim battles are so much fun until I get punished just for playing it. Three kills barely pay for the cost of just spawning my damn jet. Why do I have to pay upfront anyway? Who comes up with this and what is the reasoning behind that? So many questions and no answers… sim is not exactly easy to get into as it is. So why make it an outright pain to play this mode? I just want to enjoy flying the planes that I had to do some soulcrushing grind for. I would not mind a no cost, no reward version of this mode… I just want to enjoy a good simulator. Too much to ask for it seems.


You said it. Agree with everything. You cant even create a custom battle for sim missions.

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Not enough way of monetizing it. The game is based around short fast rounds.

you hit the nail on the head

Gaijin are not true military people, they were and still are an arcade game developer who found a niche to cash in on. You can find the place where they buy their models from by a simple search. They don’t care aside from what’s gonna make the most money. There’s no passion. It’s let’s make a buck. You can see the failure to adhere to authenticity. Look at the decals. The gnomes the snow boards the sparklers. Look at the plane skins that are parade circus skins over authentic skins.

Look at map designs. The lack of objectives. Remember the early days. Only in the early days did you have , when you had to race to capture the crash planes secret documents…

Gaijin has become one the most greediest game developers known to man. Look at the copy and paste mayhem. Even of recent. Tornado premium. Mirage event.

Sim is the last part of the game on their minds. Even it has become a circus of Tom Cruises flying at full burner with canopies open and pulling 20Gs for the entire duration of the match. Missle Spam Engage!!


yes, we would need another development company… People with the passion to make it better… the mode has the potential to become a really good flight simulation. that’s why I never gave it up completely. the Dagor Engine is also good.