SB currently.... Wierd?


Just did a match and SB was being more wierd and buggy than normal. None of the objectives were appearing on the map

The capture zone as well was just giving a random placeholder name, it was really wierd.

Is this just my game bugging out? Or has anyone else experienced this

This could be a problem with your Lang folder, if you use steam, you can delete this folder, verify game files and it will fix this folder for any mistakes.

As with the objectives, I would say it is server side as opposed to client side, are the targets still there or are they completely gone? Can you find them and destroy them without them being on the map?

I’ll give the lang folder thing a go

As far as I am aware no one else was having any issues and the objectives seem playable, so must be client side. But I’ve never experienced it before

Not that I can even find a Lang folder, where is it located?

I believe it first shows up when you have the game open, go into the War Thunder directory, and then it should be there