SB BR interval changes / Tornado IDS Marineflieger BR

Our lovely Snail constantly changes BR interval in SB mode.
For example:
Yesterday 01.10.2023
I entered game as Tornado IDS, i was bombing enemy bases for points (event is live). My only enemies were F4-E, F4-C, MiG-23, MiG-21 etc.
Today 02.10.2023
I entered game as Tornado IDS again and i was now facing F-14, F-16A, F-16C/D, MiG-29/SMT, AV-8B Plus

I couldn’t even fly 10km without getting sniped by AIM9-M, AIM-7M by these planes CONSTANTLY
I can’t even see them on my radar (not RWR), because Tornado IDS has ship detecting radar, not plane. My only sensible weapon is only 2x AIM9-L

What do you guys think, they should lower (event) Tornado IDS br, or return old 11.3-12.3 br interval on SB?

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This changes every day (for some reason). Honestly, I don’t understand the point of not allowing us to create custom BR Ranges in created maps or why they change the way they do when they do.

Is there a schedule somewhere published for this? probably.

This is the schedule from a while back.


Still accurate, just need to slap 12.3 onto the end of all EC9 brackets


Makes sense to me. But still don’t get idea for changing br like socks.

IMO still - Tornado IDS Marineflieger’s br should be lowered down by these little 0.3

Has this always been implemented or was there another way? I understand having a limit so you can’t farm a bunch of 1.0s with 12.3s (I guess) but why not just have all these ranges available all the time, at least in created games?

It was updated August 2022 ( I think). There was always brackets, but they were larger and never changed. Top tier was 9.7-11.3 If I recall correctly. But this new rolling system means that what is good one day is bad next and vice versa. A lot of aircraft went from unplayable to playable

and then updated again in April to add EC9

It forces more aircraft to be used a 10.7 like the Sea Harrier FRS1 sit right on the boarder of EC7 and EC8. So some cycles its at the top and others at the bottom. The New FRS1e looks kinda pointless unless you consider EC brackets. There is a cycle that is 10.7-11.3 In that cycle, the FRS1 (SQV) suffers greatly and isnt really viable pick. But at the same time, the FRS1e is 10.3 and so is facing 9.3-10.3s. A lot stronger. I personally want the system rolled out to ARB. Get rid of the RNG of uptiers and downtiers


I remember when my Tornado IDS was 10.7! We were screwed over with that plane.

As Morvran says the brackets used to be fixed (1.0-2.0, 2.3-3.3, 3.7-4.7, 5.0-6.3, above that they varied slightly as new stuff got added, 8.0-9.3 was top, once upon a time). However, you could only spawn the lowest BR, unless you had spawn points earned during the game (you could carry forward some earned SP from your last game with that nation… but, surprise, surprise it was bugged AF and you often had 0 carried over). Regardless, you would still need to earn more before you could spawn anything better than base+0.3, but it wasn’t too onerous to rack up enough SP for a top BR aircraft.

Everyone knew what the brackets were; everyone had appropriate line ups; everyone had their ‘starter’ at the lowest BR for each line up. Some starters were very competitive and you might easily stick with it the whole EC. Others at the lowest BR were less useful and rarely got used. There was also a timer on the higher BR aircraft once you lost them - longest on top BR and less as you came down, with base BR having no timer/SP. So, even if you had earned a ton of SP, you couldn’t instantly respawn a top BR aircraft once you lost it. Controversially, this timer also applied to every aircraft of the same type (Fighter, Bomber etc) in your line up at the same BR. While this stopped you from alternating top BR fighters - in those nations which might have that option - it could also lead to bizarre situations where both your 3.0 fighters get locked following loss of one, but you are still allowed to take your 3.3 top ranked fighter (in EC2).

Most people were happy with that, although it could make spading top BR vehicles a little frustrating. However, aside from the top BR bracket, you could always take a top BR aircraft into the next bracket and fly it endlessly, so not that frustrating in most cases unless you were a total lack-wit. There were some who ‘just wanted to fly their favourite aircraft’ and resented needing to fly other things first and then perhaps getting locked out after losing it. Oddly, these ‘favourite aircraft’ were always top BR and they never liked them quite enough to fly them in the next bracket.

Although there was no real player pressure to change the system Gaijin decided to remove the SP requirements and timers, with no other changes. Overnight the top BR aircraft became ‘meta’ and most others became obsolete, irrelevant, useless, unused. Players suggested the rolling BR brackets and Gaijin actually listened, although it took a while before anything happened. While many aircraft are still ‘useless’ on any given day, every aircraft does at least get a chance to be top rated and is top or near top about half the time. Biggest ‘winners’ are around top tier where compression is most severe. You don’t have to spend 20-30 mins earning SP before you can even start earning RP on your top jet, and the lowest of the top BR bracket jets are not always cannon fodder for top BR jets with way better tech.

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The Tornado IDS MFG still fits perfectly well into two rotations (EC1 and EC2), so half of the time you can take her out without problems. It’s only the EC3 and EC4 rotations where that Tornado variant struggles - but then iirc all other Tornado variants struggle much more and over all rotations as they have little advantages over the lower-BR MFG variant, with the same disadvantages…

Everyone still knows what brackets are when.

I have even set up a little calendar for my self on my phone, so I always know what day it is, and have my lineups set up accordingly. Today for example is good for my 8.3 Saab 105 lineup to grind Sweden (which I currently do), or the Sea Harrier at 10.7 for UK, or Milan at 9.7 for France…

Next rotation starting will be good for my Swedish A32, or again Sea Harrier. Maybe also some Warthog if I feel more like tank killing then…

I like it that way! For me much better than that thing with the spawn points, where one had to “earn” access to higher BR planes, where some aircraft were always at a disadvantage, others not. I really prefer to have 100% control over what I fly and when.

Not everyone it seems, judging by the OP!

Both systems have pros, cons. Worst was fixed brackets with no limits. At the upper end, where BR compression is most obvious, and where, IIRC, the fixed brackets were a bit wider too, the current system is better. Lower down it was more of a fix for a problem that didn’t exist (and the initial change was a ‘break’ not a ‘fix’).

Just explaining how we got here and what the alternative might be if anyone wants unchanging brackets. TBH, I probably prefer the current system.

Edit: I believe the rotations were originally going to be changed just once a week. IMO that was too long. I think Gaijin asked players what they would prefer and the 2-day rotation was the result. Good option I’d say.

Yeah you’re right, I should have written “everybody can know”, as it’s not evident that this info can be looked up somewhere.

I think this could be done better in WT, showing or linking to the big and increasing pool of knowledge half hidden in the wiki…

No need to send 2 identical messages

but 9.7-10.7 was possible in cycle 4 at EC8 if it’s now 10.7-11.3 for EC8 then nothing has changed

Current brackets are

EC7 - 8.3-9.3
EC8 - 9.7-10.7
EC9 - 11-12.3

Yeah my bad. I just saw it xD

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I am disappointed they took the lazy approach to adding 12.3 onto the brackets.

Changing EC8 too

10.7 - 11.7
10.3 - 11.3
10.0 - 11.0
9.7 - 10.7

and then EC9 too

12.0 - 12.3
11.7 - 12.3
11.3 - 12.3
11.0 - 12.3 (unavoidable 1.3 bracket, but 1/4 is a lot better than 2/4 we currently have)

Would have been an amazing change. The 11s and 11.3s would see the 12.3s far far less and even the currently abused 11.7s would see EC8 once in a blue moon with no 12+s. Jets like the Tornado F3 would actually be fun.

You don’t look at the max/min BR before joining matches ?


I personally love the rotating brackets. Every plane gets a chance to be top dog now. It’s the best change that’s happened to SimEC.


except at 11.7 where youre doomed to always fight 12.3s, but yeah rotating br brackets are cool

Yea top tier bracket is its own beast. I’m not in a hurry to get there. It benefits my mental health to avoid BVR Thunder.