Saved controls file

Hi :)

I played air simulation about a year ago.

I then started playing tank.

It made me want to play the simulation again, I went into controls, and loaded my saved controls file. To my surprise, War Thunder doesn’t load my controllers anymore. I have several control files, but none of them load.

I can only upload my files to tanks…

What happened during that time when I didn’t play simulation?


They are stored locally. Did you reformat your PC or anything in the past year?

Yes , No .

I changed PCs, but after that I checked out playing some simulation match, then I went back to the tank again

many thanks

edit : I have a disk with Linux, and on Linux there is also my backup of the files, which I also tested, but they didn’t load

Only thing I can think of is moving the files into the directory on windows?

Documents, my games, war thunder, saves games if I recall of the top my head

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It didn’t resolve.

I’m hoping for some results, as it took me a long time to configure these controls.

In any case, thank you very much for your effort

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Hello. If you can’t find them, I have a PDF guide of my sim controls for air. It’s mostly suited for jets, but let me know if you want it

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Something similar happened to me, too. After one of the recent small patches my controls were set to default and the saved file was gone for good. Had to reconfigure everything again manually… :/

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Hi guys :) , I solved it. I’ll try to explain :

When I loaded the file, it appeared as Mouse aim when it should appear as Full Real Control.

Furthermore, in Control Mode, it was in Relative Control, when it should have been in View.

It was then just a matter of adjusting the above and everything was resolved.

Anyway, if I load the file, I have to set the controls to Full Real Control

Thanks for your help

I think I had a similar issue; You may need to save it after switching to the correct mode but you may also always have to verify you’re on the right mode before you exit the settings page each time you enter it.