SARH Missile Performance Issues

clear sky, target head-on, no countermeasure, perfect lock :


and i fired a second missile, even closer, same result.


Notice the missile is still in TRK mode and the green line is still present, meaning it still got a return signal.
Basically same scenario as Calerid’s video above

Version during the recording of the bug was

On a sidenote, is there a problem with the mig23 ? I keep losing lock on it when i play SPAA…

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feels like this happens more since

Got the case again, i can share the replays if needed :


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Please make a bug report with in game screenshot and clog as well as DxDiag and replay. Thank you.

done here :

if you need anything more let me know

The fix has been deployed, how is AIM-7 doing now. Are there any issues with 20+ km launched?


Talk about perfect timing.

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Going to try out the 530D’s later tonight.

I was thinking the same and going to message you haha.

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Thanks for following up @InterFleet. At the hospital, but I’ll check on this as soon as I get the chance. Appreciate you taking the time with this one!


haven’t played them a lot, but in the few games i did today the missile didn’t seem to make that characteristic 90° turn + lose track.

Thank you for checking this out, highly appreciated !

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I’ve done a bit of testing tonight. The AIM-7 is performing considerably better, like enjoyably so. That being said - I’m still getting the issue.

The worst luck I had is actually on the Matra 530. Right off I had instant maneuver off target. I had one successful hit out of 5 fired. I also had a missile go right at the target in a head on and then last second veer… That’s just annoying haha.

So better! Not entirely fixed yet.

Yep, the 530D’s are pretty much unusable at BVR. They still just fly in a straight line and sometimes does that last second veer you mentioned.

not only that but its just really really draggy i havent had any of my missiles get over mach 3.5 and they hit mach 3.5 for maybe half a second

Yeah, I did some comparisons today with a friend in custom battles with the 7M and 530D. The 530D is much draggier, and gets to the target slower despite its higher “top speed” (fired at mach 1, 10,000m.)… and thats not considering the fact that it can’t track anything like I mentioned earlier lol

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Some a bit more flying today. Used the R-24, 530, and the AIM-7.

I am seeing much better performance. Still some really weird late/last second veering? I have only once had the full 90 deg turn. Not seeing that frequently is a HUGE improvement.

The biggest issue right now that I am seeing is the missiles making seemingly large leads on targets who are acquired from the side at an angle about 30 deg. They seem to be doing the right thing by trying to lead the target, but they are still considerably in front of the target.

Also, was multipathing changed? I am able to hit targets on the deck much better now. That’s pretty interesting.

I played few games yesterday with F-4S, any miss i had with sparrow was due to target manuevering/defeding, not once the missile went to the moon.

So far it seems like issue was fixed, but I only played few games.

what I can see instead is the problem in locking a target in TWS HDN mode in softlock, and when you press air-air target lock even though you have selected the target from the radar, it often locks other targets making you waste precious launch time

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Okay, so now a new issue in the same manner has shown up. My missiles make a slight veering and do a circle around me.

This was with the F-4S using AIM-7f (obviously I suppose). I’d lock with PDV and the missile would go about a clock out. It then began a slow circle to the left (every time left). The missile would do a full circle around me. I’ll try to make a recording later.

New behavior that I hadn’t seen before. For reference, these were 20km to 30km engagements. Two circles on the seeker lock. No obstructions.

Hi please make a report with the correct format with in game screenshot and clog, server replay. I will take a look.