Saitek X56 not working

Theres no way to bind the X56 in the game properly. Whenever I choose an axis it binds the mouse axis instead, and even if I somehow manage the axes properly the neutral position for the stick if far left far forward in the cockpit. Control setup wizard didn’t help either!

Have you installed the Logitech software and drivers correctly?

Default windows drivers may not work
109.blk (7.9 KB)

Here are my settings for 109 . . .X.52 . .hope it helps

Downloading drivers, and understanding what ,Controls mode" with regards to mouse movement does fixed the issue. Currently binding everything. Thanks

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First off

Joystick VTOL (Dual Throttle).blk (15.9 KB)

X-56 Config

secondly what control scheme have you selected at the top?

Thirdly. Have you tried unplugging your mouse before configing the joystick? Sounds like you might have some minor drift on your mouse, so when you go to set an axis, its defaulting to selecting the mouse before the joystick

This sounds like a missing driver/ joystick configuration issue?

Also is the joystick new? If its second hand, it might have some internal issues