Sabre and mig 15 at 8.0 is ridiculous

8.0 jets like F9F, La-15, vampire, R2Y2 are completely outmatched by those two in every ways. They are faster, has better energy preserving, better turn, they just overwhelms them
Not to mention 7.x planes like me-262 and spitfire mk24, They are goner now.


Just disengage? pick your targets, and watch your 6. Also if your going up to 8.0 in up tiers you’re screwed either way. Even at your own BR.

Aside from that, I’ve had plenty of times where the F9F, La-15, R2Y2(in a mixed battle), and other aircraft around this BR bracket have won fighting me. The F-86 is relatively good at speed, but it will struggle in energy fights, and disengagement if you time your turns. Then break off. You kill my energy and bleed my speed. The more you repeat this, the slower i get and the harder it is for me to turn and potentially force me to run away but anyone who doesn’t have experience will not realize this is already dead.

Agreed, though its kinda hilarious how we have come full circle with Sabres facing Me 262s again. Like 10 years ago we had freedumb sabre vs the superior me 262. Wonder if the “overwhelming firepower” argument is gonna be used to justify this


Standard Gaijin logic. The old guard 8.7s are suffering severely from the compression that has them fighting F-104s and MiG-19s every game, do we decompress the BRs to allow more breathing room?

Nope, we compress it even more, moving the suffering on to starter jets instead.

It boggles the mind that they know compression is such a massive issue and refuse to take the relatively simple step to fix it. I know frustration drives thir sales, but still.

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idk dude I think fighting jets that go 2x your speed with 50 cals is pretty based, if you don’t like getting your shit kicked in by sabers in the first 262 you’re probably a scrub and it’s a skill issue.

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Always some guy excusing compression. A well played F-86 or MiG-15 will not lose to a 8.0 jet.

I dont know if the BR of said vehicles are wrong, but I all I can say is more BR decompression is needed.
You cant just move one or 2 vehicles up or down, more than that needs to be done.