SAAF JAS-39C Technical Data and Discussion

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Mig 23 AESA?


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No Igla AESA

Ok back on topic.
Custom MFD when?
Left one is for flight data, middle is for navigation and communication and right one is for sensors


did the gripen get nerfed? it seems to be rating a lil bit less (not talking about the update nerf)

Personally I think IRIS-T the best close range and best dogfight tactic

But not sure gajin decompress max BR to 13.0 for aviation top tier before add 5th generation infrared Air-to-Air Missile ?

Yeah it lost about half a degree, but more importantly i think it retains alot less speed now aswell.


That’s incredible, I would have never guessed.

The MICA is a fox-3, the ASRAAM is not. The MICA being superior to both the IRIS-T and the ASRAAM. Of the missiles the JAS 39 has access to, the ASRAAM and IRIS-T are roughly equally matched imo. They have similar range, performance.

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i was quoting a article from the state affiliated Missile museum,

IRIS-T would undoubtably be the best, but only at shorter ranges.

A Typhoon armed with ASRAAM would probably want to circle the battle at around 15-20km just firing off ASRAAM at targets. meanwhile a Typhoon with IRIS-T will want to jump into the thick of it, dogfighting within 5-10km.


There’s so many things wrong here but I’ll boil it down for you so you can understand.

ASRAAM has a 6.5 inch diameter which gives it a better motor and because it’s more aerodynamic it has better range.
IRIS-T has a 5 inch diameter and worse aerodynamics which combined with the TVC gives it a very short range.

Yes IRIS-T has better G pull but ASRAAM still hits ~60 even without TVC.


IRIS-T would also struggle to hit a target past about 15km but ASRAAM could probably nail something out to 30+km. They certainly do not have similar ranges


Would you mind sharing a source for that?

The R-77 and PL-12 have more diameter than the AMRAAM and yet inferior range. What makes you think that the IRIS-T won’t be able to achieve similar performance to the ASRAAM? In what scenarios will the ASRAAM really be that much more useful than the IRIS-T because of the alleged improvement in range?

The gap is not this large, nor is it really that useful. The detection ranges limit head-on usage greatly and only one of the two missiles is designed with the purpose of shooting down incoming ordnance in mind. There are asymmetrical advantages and disadvantages… neither is even remotely close to the range or performance of the MICA. Similarly, the AIM-7F and R-27ER are equally less useful towards the meta as they currently stand due to multipathing and other things. These small differences in performance / characteristics will not matter all that much.

As with the 60G claim, I’d like to see proper sourcing for the range of the ASRAAM and IRIS-T if we’re just gonna throw numbers around like this. I could share the numbers stating “20+” nautical miles for AMRAAM and say it’s less than the AIM-7F… need more context.

-edit- Discussion is of the performance of potential future armament of the Gripen, not off topic.

You are forgetting that ASRAAM has DL and can be guided onto target using either radar or in the case of the Typhoon. PIRATE IRST.

I beleive sources do exist but I dont have any on hand, though I think ive seen some on the Forums. Maybe Gunjob or Flame has some.

mostly going by data provided in:


The same can be done with practically any other modern air to air missile of any type.

I don’t think anyone has provided a source showing 60G, most only say 50.

On the bright side, it says “off the rail” in quite a bit of sources from MBDA. This indicates that it should have similar maneuverability and turn radius to the Magic 2.


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The Magic 2 is also 50G’s off the rail. The difference is that the ASRAAM will burn through a lot less energy conducting such a turn thanks to the design. (tail control, body lift).