SAAF JAS-39C Technical Data and Discussion

I know it can be shocking for you but have you ever heard MICA IR?


IR clearly means it is still active radar homing

What eles would IR mean


love how petty this thread is


Improved Radar :P


Some could argue the MICA IR NG would beat out both, due to its thrust vectoring, long range, and similar imager as the Iris_T

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MICA IR is a MICA with an infrared seeker that can be guided with datalink and go pit bull when acquiring lock. For all intent and purposes, it can largely be compared to a fox 3.

Might be best if I check the MICA thread but do we have any figures on the burn time for MICA as well as the pull without the TVC (once the booster has burnt out).

For the ground to air variant, it’s advertised at 50G in TVC, 30G after. The Mica NG has about 30% more kinematic range due to increase fuel, so it should be under TVC for quite some more time than the MICA, which is under TVC for at least 10-15km in game during testing a few weeks ago

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the two pulses on the mica ng makes it seems so interesting with tvc

Exactly, plus with the AESA of the EM, and the matrix infrared seeker on the IR, on,y way to avoid them would be kinematically. Granted, these missiles won’t be coming far before the meteor I’d recko (not being in service and all), but they’d be the perfect ambush missiles


İf i wanted to compare Fox-3 missiles i would have mention about FOX-3 Version.

ASRAAM can also be guided by Datalink and has similiar capabilites but both MICA IR and ASRAAM missiles are Fox-2 missiles.

The needless sarcasm aside, that is explicitly why I made the statement. Perhaps I’ll use the term “also” in there next time to avoid confusion on your part.

I don’t see how that is relevant. From my understanding people were arguing the ASRAAM to be the best option around for the Gripen… I disagree.

The lower number of available ordnance than other aircraft dictates that your ordnance be of higher use… or multiple roles. The MICA would be most ideal, in lieu of that… I think I’d opt for the IRIS-T. The TVC capability, and the specific use-cases for it (such as shooting down incoming ordnance) make it most useful to a fighter who has little else in the defense department against more modern munitions.

Considering how you treated me last time we talked sarcasm was the only thing you could get.

Nevertheless it was obvious that i was comparing Ir version of MICA missile.

Only thing you could provide, it seems is the correct wording here. The Gripen cannot use the MICA, so any further use of it in the dialogue is rather off topic to begin with.

Between the ASRAAM and the IRIS-T… is there any proof the ASRAAM could be, or was used against incoming air to air missiles?

No reason why not. Just as capable as IRIS-T at locking onto targets and within the context of WT, Aim-9ls can lock onto incoming missiles and take them down, in-game, both will probably be equal in that

Who said anything about that?

Discussion between me and Morvan was based on next gen Ir missiles performance, it had nothing to do with Gripen and it was a quite short one.

Heard some rumors that it was used against incoming missiles in Ukraine conflict, dont know if its actually true tho.

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I’ve only heard fot anti air really

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Thats the worst thing about rumors, you can never be sure which one is real or not.


Yes, Britain and Ukraine developed this

Supacat HMT with ASRAAM to shoot down Russian drones and other threats

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Yea i saw that article but we still dont have any solid footage as far as i know.