SAAF JAS-39C Technical Data and Discussion

The problem boils down to maps being too small to actually fit a proper high alt BVR timeline. I mean we see it with the more powerful radars, detecting people virtually on takeoff in RB.


Tomcats,Mirage2k-5F can actually do that.

Was quite surprised when my tws picked up enemy plane during take off in my Mirage2k.

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Yep, F3 too. Tracking people with a solid lock at 90km just off the ground is rather funny

Something seems to be very wrong with your elephant.
It makes wierd noises, hovers and has a never ending taste for WD 40 (and no I hope we don’t get the increased radar cross section that came with the liberal application of WD-40 during the Falklands)


I hope gaijin not forget change target designation pod from AN/AAQ-28(V) Litening II to Rafael Zeiss Optronics AN/ANQ-28(V) Litening lll any day of this year

Don’t I know it.

It would be a shame if I had a missile that could target and hit people from across the map…

The MBDA Meteors strapped to the bottom be like:

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My elephant has a very distinctive electronic signature. Should I be worried?

Oh yea thats one of my favourite thing in F3, constantly watching targets from 90km, setting up a good ambush and destroy them.

Easily one of my favourite plane at 11.3

Well The Gripen can get the Thrust vectoring dog fight missile, RB 98


RB98, Iris-T (Infra-Red Imaging System Tail/Thrust Vector-Controlled) is a fighter missile used on the JAS39 Gripen. It is optimized to engage targets at very short distances from the aircraft itself. Therefore, the missile has the ability to make very sharp turns. Using “TVC control” (Thrust Vector Control), which involves small fins at the rocket engine’s outlet directing the engine’s thrust in the desired direction, along with wings on the missile, Iris-T can make sharp turns even at low speeds, resulting in very small turn radious.

IRIS-T is manufactured by Diehl BGT Defence in Germany.

The seeker is of imaging infrared type and operates in the infrared spectrum. Coupled with advanced digital image processing, it is virtually immune to the types of countermeasures available today or anticipated in the near future.

TVC also provides very high precision in guidance. In the majority of cases, the missile will achieve a direct hit on the target, resulting in very high probability of engagement success. This also means that small targets such as UAVs and cruise missiles can be engaged.

Although the missile is intended for short distances, its performance at long ranges is also very good.

Its too much for now.

IRIS-T is one of the best if not the best ir missile in market, it will easily dominate anything on battlefield.

Been flying it in squads of F3s recently, first time properly playing it in RB and yeah, it’s fun

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*best dogfighting missiles

ASRAAM has it beat past about 10 to 15km

I’ve been saying for a while that we should have “Early” versions of the jets that can carry Fox 3 and advanced IR missiles but without them and then “Late” versions that do have them.

and anything that gets ARH missiles and advanced IR should be 1.3BR higher than anything before them so that they don’t face each other.

Could work, but still tricky to balance.

But the really fiddly aircraft are gunna be things like the tornado Gr4 with 2x ASRAAM

ASRAAM and MICA missiles have different concepts so i dont take them into account.

They are basically Fox-3 missile with IR seekers in my book.

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İm always playing solo but even then its quite fun.

It’s far more fun squadded as you don’t have to rely on teammates to read your mind. You can talk in real time with them. Incredible.

İ know but most of my friends doesnt play Warthunder, actıally only one of them plays.

You can see why im playing solo for most of the time.

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Oh i dont know, French man, certain AESA guy has been trolling lately, and snow just refuse to play anything other than naval. And LOVE is too much to handle.


Well me too when my gf had enough of this game right now even I rarely play this game (thanks to helldivers2)