Saab-105g 8.3 ccip

so your claim is that it is coded like that. isnt that a claim?

where did you find that code? can you link it so that i can read it?

datamining is against TOS

If that was the case, people like Smin, Stona, and others wouldn’t be in discord servers with dataminers. And there wouldn’t be Reddit posts made about it often.

People are free to risk their account how they choose.

If datamining was against TOS, it would be way less common.

Idk where you got the idea that its against tos from.

People are free to risk their account how they choose.

If that was the case, developers wouldn’t have actively worked with dataminers either lmao

If it really was the case, everyone from Gaijin would’ve actively stopped them

People are free to risk their accounts how they wish.

At this point I cant even tell if you’re trolling or not anymore, we can get @Smin1080p to input as well if u like.


The Vamilad ai is currently broke


Vamilad confused april fools and halloween, it is a good one but just not a good timing.

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“Should my su 57 be 8.3?” Nice strawman argument. It’s pretty clear that you don’t actually have any points outside of claiming that ccip is pinpoint accurate regardless of range (it isn’t) and your only source is “trust me bro” while you actively ignore dataminers

You think the Jaguar E is an SU-57?

Balanced by golden eagles.

so, by your logic, every plane should be excactly the same electronics and have the same weapons, otherwise it would be unbalanced?

New day new vehicle

There are many different vehicles in War Thunder that’s what makes the game interesting to play.

CCIP is too strong for 8.3

It has perfect accuracy.

how do you mean?
if i fly above a certain height there is a spread. a spread that is lowered by leveling up crew, but still a spread.