Saab-105g 8.3 ccip

And Zunis are way to strong for 6.3 (example)

Should we remove those aswell, or should we accept that some vehicles have stuff others don’t have?

i just looked it up, in crew section “logistical services” and “weapon maintenance”.
at level zero a bomb can scatter up to 35m at just 1000m height.
i’m not sure but i think this is PER 1000m so at 3km up you have 105m scatter radius if the crew is not leveled up.
at max level without ace or expert that number is 26m at 1000m height.

Some vehicles do have things others don’t.

Those vehicles are at higher BRs.

8.3 is too low for CCIP

Dumb HE rockets w/o CCIP are only truly effective against open tops which can be overpressured

That is not comparable with bomb CCIP


You mean those extremely easy to aim rockets that kills everything on a direct hit (including heavy tanks) and if it hits just near an opentop/light vehicle, they turn in tiny bits?

Different nations have different stuff, just accept it dude.

You’re complaining about these rockets being too strong and saying they’re balanced because another nation’s CAS options are also too strong.

I don’t understand.

no bud, you are pissing and moaning over the swedes got something you don’t have (and god knows how many other things you whine over on this forum)

I gave an example, i even WROTE example, on good stuff some nation have and other don’t.

Either accept some got something other don’t have and visa versa, or find another game.

Some do and should.

The SAAB isn’t a gimped jet at its tier.

we have the a4 with tv guided bombs just single br step way

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Yes it’s also too strong.

Reminds me of the old “Fisherman’s Friends” TV adds in Germany: “If they’re too strong, you’re too weak”…

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