Saab-105g 8.3 ccip

USA 7.7 - 9.0



US 7.7 - 9.0

Counter Saab-105G 8.3 CCIP

Are you suggestion them to add US planes to 7.7-9.0 that have ccip?

I want Gaijin to balance aircraft.

Its a new day and Vamilad has been killed by a new vehicle


True. You know the rules, “If I die, it is the game’s fault”

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What SPAA from the US counters this plane

Your statement is asinine

M163 - and basically anything before…

The 105G has CCIP for the bombs, yes, but you need to be close to profit from that - and then you’re in perfect range for the AAA.


the M247 with M822 shells should shred it easily. the SAAB-105g turns like a slug and is about as agile as a fridge. should be quite easy to shoot down with radar lock that helps you aim and proximity rounds that still hit even when you miss.

speaking from experience as a SAAB-105g player that had to struggle with this flying bull in a China shop.

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How do you counter this plane from 7.3 to 8.7?

Aaaaah, wouldn’t agree with that, and find it actually quite agile.

Never used it in GRB, but often in Sim EC, where it’s a great multirole aircraft.

M247 is of course bad news always, but luckily with it at 9.0 and 105 at 8.3, shouldn’t face it all too often…

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CCIP works out from 3KM well out of the effective range of the M163

A halfway decent SPAA gunner can also take care of the 105G with a M16 or M42…

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You are seriously dying to bombs being dropped 3km out?

This is fantasy

Why do you present this as a 1v1 scenario which is oblivious to the reality of the game?

well now you are changing the range of BR from your initial statement.
but the M163 should still not be that hard to kill it with. With a fire rate of 3000round a minute it shouldn’t be that hard to hit it. and you still have a track radar giving you the spot to aim for free.
and with that fire rate you should also be able to destroy some of the bombs dropped against you (admittingly with some luck).

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Velocity is infinitely more important than RPM

Why are you presenting it like the saab is regularly yeeting bombs from 3km out and getting consistant kills doing so while having zero threats to worry about?