SA342L Gazelle Stock Grind

How on earth are you supposed to stock grind this thing?
After few games on it, I can confidently say it’s the worst vehicle I have played in warthunder, even M41D pales in comparison. Unlike Z-11WA at same BR you have no stock missiles and no thermal. And all helis at lower BR has better armaments than this thing has. On top of these being a Gazelle means you are terrible at heli rush. What makes this more upsetting is that since we can grind helis via ground vehicles, it takes ages to queue into heli pve games, thus I cannot grind mods in PVE mode if I wanna too. It also saddens me to see French Gazelles are no better at higher br.

There was an earlier post raising the similar concern. Unfortunately it received very little attention. Advices and comments are appreciated.
All Gazelles need at least 2 missile when no modification - Machinery of War Discussion / Helicopter - War Thunder — official forum