All Gazelles need at least 2 missile when no modification

In a pervious client version some helicopters which have messile as modification got at least 2 missiles when no modification. But there still some helicopters didn’t get free missiles like Gazelles ,AH-1F and Mi24s. The problem is more worse for Gazelles because Gazelles just have 14 FFARs or one 20mm gun with 7 FFARs.At mean time Gazelles NO ANY BALLISTICS, this means that Gazelles are very ineffective without modifications. Gazelles face a similar situation to AB205 but have much higher BR when Gazelle no modifications.I suggest all Gazelles need 2 HOTs/HJ8A when no modifications and similar changes should be applied to other helicopters like UH-1C,AH-1F and Mi24s.


I agree to this. There’s also the AH-6M which doesn’t receive any ATGM as a starting loadout (2 would be nice), especially at 10.0. The French Tiger HAD doesn’t get any either in the starting loadout, or the Israeli Lahatut. For the Hungarian Mi-24D (in Italian tech tree) the ATGMs are locked at rank IV, which makes it a pain to grind versus SPAA, could be at least lowered to rank III or II, as the same could be told for the other Mi-24s.