SA 313B Alouette II

BR has remained unchanged despite majority nation AA which is capable of engaging it at 2KM has been moved to 8.7

There is no SPAA available to counter this helicopter at 7.3

Did some spaa change? Which ones moved to 8.7?

M163/Hovet, Type 97, Gepard, AMX30 DCA, anything that flies with at least 1 forward firing machinegun, 50% of the things that fly using turret MG’s, 100% of all aircraft if you’re OK with ramming.

AS.11 missiles are also incredibly slow and hard to aim at max range. If you are dying to them, they are either much closer and non-radar AA will work fine, or you didn’t know they were there which is an awareness problem.

Yes, which is why they’re now an issue.

8.7 SPAA can lock and guide shots at 2KM and can laser range finder at 4KM

The Alouette is 8.3, it often fights in downtiered matches as that’s the BR range currently since 9.0 has become a major BR range.

The helicopter is currently facing ZSU and M163 as its main threat, neither is capable of engaging unless the helicopter is within 1KM, its max range is 3KM, this allows a standoff distance of 2KM which increases the threat significantly as as you mentioned its missiles being slow and hard to aim are not as hard to aim if the target isn’t at your max range.

I play the shilka and pivads, and have not had issue killing with either.

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You’ve engaged an Alouette at 2KM effectively with these vehicles?

Or you’ve shot one that drifts on top of the battlefield because players don’t know what they’re doing?

You can not balance around stupidity.

Yes, granted you can’t strictly trust your IRST but helicopters always dive down to dodge fire and you can learn their preferred pattern in one or two bursts. If they are being exceptionally maneuverable, just back off to hard cover and waste their missile since it’s hard to re-engage at max range with them.

You’re talking about SPAA that doesn’t even have radar or IR to detect the helicopter which is outside noise range

The only way you know it’s there is it’s killing your team mates

SPAA should be preventative of CAS, not reactionary

Luckly, every spaa comes with a standard issue pair of eyes. Plus the air call out added helps alert you.

Unless gepard and amx 30 dca were moved to 8.7, i cant check rn, then those work great for helis. Zsu works as well.

Literaly all Gepard variants are 8.3 as well and can easily shot at 2km range, massive skill issue on your part. I am not suprised the biggest crybaby troll on the forum complains yet again

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Why was radar invented when humans have eyes to simply see the approaching aircraft

Radar helps but just because you dont have radar doesnt mean that you cant see a heli 2km out. Helis are not hard to spot at those distances.

You can’t engage a helicopter at 2KM w/o a laser range finder or capable IRST tracking

Maybe you can make someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing evade, but the evasion doesn’t need to be hard, just a list left or right will dodge as the bullets can’t suddenly change their flight path

Skill issue on your part, 2km is normal engagement range

More like a skill issue on pilot’s part.
SPAA rounds will take around 2 seconds to travel 2kms, which is more than enough time for a pilot to dodge incoming rounds, while just slightly altering it’s flight path.

You can. 8.3 spaa can handle it easy. It will be hard if you are using a some random tank.

That is why I spray a bit so that they have to do more to evade.

What nations have 8.3 SPAA

As you said, that still can be evaded if pilot has a clue what he’s doing.
In my opinion, only gun based AAs that can effectively deal with (some) helis are those with HE-VT. Others will just take a lot of skill on your part and lots of “unskill” on the opposing side.

Germany, britian, japan, china, italy, and france. Israel and ussr have 8.0 and US has 7.7.

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How effective is Italy’s 8.3 SPAA?