RWR Nation specific designations

In simulator battles, the RWR is relied on because we have no hud. This is ridiculous that there is no nation specific designation for f16s. It’s not ok that a chinese or japanese f16 can hide in the RWR with friendly F16’s. This wouldnt be a problem if the RWR didnt go off for friendlies locking onto something and shooting missiles but thats unrealistic.

However because this isnt DCS and not aiming to be a true simulator, there needs to be some decisions for gameplay made like has happened in the past. I suggest nation specific designations in the RWR for aircraft that are shared between multiple nations especially if those nations fight each other. See below for some examples

U16 for United States f16
C16 for the chinese f16
J16 for the japanese f16
i16 for the Israli f16 make sure the i is lowercase so its easy to tell
G29 for the german mig29
R29 for the Russian mig29’s
G21 for the german mig21
R21 for the Russian mig21
You can see where this goes to when you extrapolate it out for all the rest of the aircraft