RWR in sim with the F4-S (Is a dev aware of this ? I saw some posts on the same topic with no answer nor solution)

RWR (Radar Warning Receiver) works fine with the F4-Q in RB.

In simulation, I have absolutely no ping at all (over several hours of gameplay), only the icon on the right-top corner (as it is off or have nothing to display yet). And, I you can imagine, it is barely playable without a proper RWR…

Is it a bug (and it’s a gigantic one), or just something I have to setup (I search and found nothing relevant up to now) ?
If there a keyboard shortcut to activate/desactivate the RWR ?

Help me :D I can’t play right now.

It means nothing is pinging you

So, nothing pinged me on several sim battle, with many missile destroying me ? It seems very unlikely…
Also, I have no problem in RB, even on the airfield, the RWR is on fire. In sim, even the ground-based AAAs don’t scan me ?.. Very, very unlikely.

Some RWRs cant pickup certain radar bands

Check it in your hangar

I repeat : I have absolutely no problem with RWR in RB. In sim, I have 0 signal, over many games (hence, several hours of gameplay). It did not ping once.

Either it’s a bug or you are repeatedly facing a certain jet which your RWR cannot pick up.Can you share some footage?

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Btw are you actually dying to any missiles because of not getting a RWR display? Or do you mean you want a constant RWR display on your screen?
RWR display usually disappears after a certain time if theres no one radar locking you.

Currently I have no record, but it’s not about a specific plane, it’s every plane and AAA over several hours of gameplay.

I don’t know if it’s a bug (and why on this specific plane, I have no problem with the kfir in sim), or if there’s a keyboard shortcut.

There’s no keyboard shortcut for it

I have just tested RWR in sim with my F4J which uses the same RWR as F4S and it did show radar ping. I think the issue is you are expecting constant rwr pings like air rb in sim. But barely there is any players in sim. Which is the main reason why you are not getting rwr pings.

So you also don’t have 0 ping over several hours of gameplay ?

I can understand there’s less players/signals in sim, but I say it again : 0 ping. Never.
Hence, it might be a bug.

Nope I did have some radar ping from a mig 29 but overall radar pings are definitely less than air rb. I have noticed one thing that a large part of sim player base either uses jets like Su25/39,A10 which dont have proper radar or they simply dont use their radar at all.Most players like to use IR missiles(Probably they are afraid to use radar missile because of the possibility of accidentally shooting down a teammate)

Its not a bug, its a feature.

In short, just as number of RWRs lost ability to detect tracking or radar bands, some lost ability to detect Pulse Doppler modes in Sim. And that includes AN/APR-25 and AN/ALR-45, which renders F-4J/F-4S/F-14A unusable in Air Sim.

It’s still not that unusable. You can still pick some radar pings.

Ah thank you !!!

Yes, only those who don’t use or don’t have Pulse Doppler radars. Which at 12.3 are rarity, while main opponents - F-16 and Migs-29 can use all aspect PD. Mig-29 doesn’t even have non PD radar modes to begin with.