Russian T-90A Death by only fuel tank explosion

I’m not gonna lie I’m a Russian main and everyone is gonna look at this post and say its just another Russian player crying wolf. which I know about the bias that everyone hates and I am fully content with the backlash this will bring.

But anyway to the main point of this. Is it just me or does the t-90a die more from fuel tanks being hit and exploded than losing the whole crew or getting hit in the ammo? I’ve only had the tank for less than 50 matches as of this post, but it seems I’ve died more from my fuel tanks exploding than anything else.

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It is the same with Russian tanks (T-series) in War Thunder, but it happens more often when the crew is low level or not expert.

If the crew is ace, or if the crew is high level and expert, it will happen less often.

The best way is to ace your crew.

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Leclercs / T80s / T-90A

50 50 coin clip whether the fuel explosion kills you

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No, i agreed that I’ve usually seen the fule tanks kill the t90 while the ammo just gets deleted.

I do not know what fule is being used to represent the fule in the game.

Practically all T series do that for me, I do have upgraded crew, but not all of them have hp upgrades.

I mean I understand the high health level but why would that change the chance of the fuel tanks not instantly killing you. its weird to me that gaijin would do something like this even as a nerf it doesn’t make much sense.

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Crew level only changes the vitality of the crew members. It does nothing to increase health for other modules.

Other russian tanks also commonly die to fuel explosions, such as the KV-1. If you get shot, there’s a chance you’ll die. Shocking.

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fuel tank explosion does about 30 damage to crew, and decrease with range. high crew level can increase health for the crew. crew base health is 20, full 30, aced 40.

That’s interesting.

When you get the Fuel Explosion text, does that act similar to an ammo cookoff or does it mean that the fuel explosion was powerful enough to knock out all the crew?

No, it’s more like, your crew less than 2, so you die, and your fuel exploded, so the death is caused by Fuel Explosion. A normal situation is, for soviet tanks, enemy shot kill 1 crew in turret, and make fuel tank front explode and kill the driver, so you die, and the reason is Fuel Explosion.

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… where do people like you get this stuff from?

From github, there are data codes of WT. And some experiment with friends.
War-Thunder-Datamine/aces.vromfs.bin_u/gamedata at master · gszabi99/War-Thunder-Datamine · GitHub
But you need someone who can teach you the meaning of the codes and where to find information. I’m still learning.

did you… record these tests?

I just tested about the fuel tanks, and the results fits the code. But I lost most picture and data as I changed computer and forget to backup.
Most time, it don’t need test. There are some data miners who do experiments to find out unknow codes, but I’m not one of.