Russian Domination in Ground Realistic Battle in top tier

There are issues with getting up there as many strike aircraft don’t climb that well, especially if they are carrying ordnance and so reaching the dead zone while avoiding notice due to Pantsir’s vertical search angle & Thermal / IRST combo is fairly unlikely (and opens you up to CAP fighters with SARH’s), aside from that there are issues relating the the AGM-65A/B lock on range vs tactical targets (should be 2~3km vs T-62 under optimal conditions).

External Fuel Tanks, AIM-9M, AGM-88 (tested) and GBU-10. but yeah is mostly minor things, Also I don’t remember if the LITENING is the right version or not so the Thermal / Zoom / FoV / magnification might be wrong.

Introductory / Early config F/A-18A’s won’t get access to SALH(AN/AAS-38A [F/A-18C / F/A-18A+] added the Designator), AMRAAM’s or a HMD so would probably be 12.3 since it is otherwise identical to the A-7E except for the ability to carry the AGM-84 of which only the -84E is relevant.

The F-15E I could see at 12.7 but I would need to see the counterparts first to judge if it should be higher or not.

The F-15E would be closer to the Su-24 (though the F-111 is a closer fit).

It can be advantageous to create a lineup 4 rungs (- 1.3BR) lower than top tier for advantageous matchmaking so if there is further ratings increase to 12.0, 10.7 may become a good way to avoid full uptiers, it works quite well in AAB to avoid MiG’s and F-16’s for the most part with my F-4’s.

The next step up in terms of performance for SAM’s would be to intermediate range static SAM systems (e.g. MIM-23 / SA-2) and / or advanced guidance methods so they could be paired with Anti-Radiation Missiles, the addition of ARM’s would also have 2nd order impacts on reducing available A2G ordnance per flyout, due to them not being able to attack vehicles that don’t have a radar, so may be a positive, it would also excuse a BR reduction across the board improving the capacity of systems available at any given BR so it wouldn’t necessarily all be bad for SPAA.

They sort of are, due to how GPHE warheads are modeled and the fact that bombs tend to lack significant fragmentation damage beyond short distances and so don’t effect as large an area as they probably should which is especially obvious against lighter vehicles.

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9Ms aren’t needed, wait for F-14D.
External fuel tanks aren’t needed, and are in development.
AGM-88 just flat out isn’t needed right now, and wouldn’t work against Pantsir when equipped to F-14.
The reason AGM-88 can work on F-16 is because F-16 has a programmer pod that programs the HARM to that radar frequency before firing.
And it’s still not needed cause we have Mavericks and GBUs that out-range all SPAA currently.
Paveway 2 is worse than 3…

However, when we get SPAA that’s actually good again, ARMs will be necessary.

I mean… they gave us the F4C and not the F4D which is a massive step up. But yet we have the modern SU-25 variants… and obscure exports…

It really shows their true colors to do this.

F-16C is legit the best CAS in WT and it’s coming next update.

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