Russian Bias, Go With The Flow

I have stopped trying to fight Gaijin’s bias for Russia. The game has a HOST of problems. Of which, Russian bias is claring. So I switched from German tech tree to Russian tech tree. OMG. What a breeze. People shooting at me and I can bounce shields. One shot enemies. Even don’t worry about artillery. I love it. I am progressing faster, without spending money, under Russia, than I did under Germany. So not Premium account nor vehicle purchases necessary.


I do agree when people say Russia can overperform in some aspects but saying there is blatant Russian bias is horribly wrong. Learn to aim for weak spots and take advantage of their vulnerabilities then you may start seeing positive outcome when fighting them.



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Sounds like a massive skill issue. “One shot enemies”. Like, if Germany doesnt have anything, that can one shot people.


Germany does have some really good power houses. Maybe not always the best chassis but the fire power can be insane. Like 128mm at 4.3 or a long 88 with 4s reload at 5.7.

You’re wasting your time. You’re 100% correct, but you are wasting your time. If someone is at the point of ranting about Russian bias, they are not going to listen to an explanation of why it isn’t real and that they just can’t aim at weakspots.


Based on what though?

I’ve played UK, USA, and Russia all the way up to top tier. I can tell you Russia definitely has the lion’s share of things in their favour. Playing the BVM feels like turning on God-mode.

Weakspots like the side armour?

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While I agree there are some questionable Balancing choices, there really isn’t any bias towards one particular nation. Every nation has a few vehicles that are incredibly strong at their BR or are under tiered. A fantastic example of this is the XP-50, the thing is blatantly overpowered at 4.0, jet because of how many new players buy it and ruin it’s stats, it’s gonna stay there. Such is the manner of the BR system as a whole as well as how Gaijin choses to balance.

Russian Bias exists. That’s a long established fact.
Anyone saying otherwise is either a Snail employee, Shill or just genuinely ignorant.

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Good thing you started having fun again but I dont have to explain why I think this Thread is not basis of a normal discussion.