Russian B25 bots?

Lately I see a lot of Russian B25’s diving for the nearest base and dying shortly after. They’re all high ranking players, but don’t react to anything. Asked a lot of times during the match if they’re real players, but without any response so far. Are these guys real players or bots?

maybe they speak russian

If you see people using premium bombers in ARB, with hundreds or thousands of games played but very few A2A kills, it’s a bot.

At low tiers it’s the Wellington and A-20G, at midtiers it’s the B-25s and JU288, higher up it’s stuff like the A5.

The Chinese bot problem is so widespread at this point that you can’t find matches without bots unless you’re playing top tier.


I quote myself out of the fairplay thread:

The fellow player direct above me is fully right…

Yes, bots are a massive problem as they are altering the outcome of tight matches. Usually the team with less bots wins - famous exception are teams with a hell of brainless US players if they sacrifice their airspawn to dive on the bots and tailchase them across the map if they missed their first attack…

If you see those B-25 bots: ignore them - they have usually aced gunners killing you within the 0.6 to 1.1 km - or at least score very often at least a hit or crit on you. Safest way to kill them is from 12 o’clock low, direct from below or direct from above (90 degree dive)…

They show always the same pattern - as they attack usually the nearest base without climbing. Then you see 3 ways how they fly:

  1. Some fly straight after their base attack - if not attacked until the map border (real funny on revised Spain map…) and then they come back either flying straight or heading for the enemy airfield in order to get killed by af aaa.
  2. Others (most seen in Ju 288s and B-25s) bomb a base and fly them directly into enemy af aaa…
  3. Others have a kind of “arcade” script and use this (idk why) in Air RB too. So they bomb a base with all their bombs and fly to the next base, trying to bomb that too - even if they have no bombs left. You see this not that often,

All in all - this bot spam is ruining prop Air RB…

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