Russia Ground after update unplayable

This is my opinion and I would like to know yours if you have same feeling or not.

I used to have decent ground score before the update but after this update 9 out of 10 ground realistic battles is that Russia losses, I mean common. Decent players on our team also, but simply put, this is out of hand, seems like either western tanks got massively buffed or russian nerfed. Not to mention that currently you can have 4 pansirs up and grippens and mirages bombs you to high heaven.

Air RB is ok, its still decent but the ground is currently unplayable for russian team.


Which game do you play? Russian tanks used to be stronger, now that they got the t-90m they are even stronger! Unfortunately top tier is no fun unless you are Russian main!


WAKE UP! play a bit top tier and they speak dude
The current situation RIGHT NOW is that ussr, and america (RIGHT NOW) are losing all their matches, and sweden and germany are winning all the matches. PLS play a bit and then SPEAK. All is not because russian bias…




Sweden / Germany were given spall liners something that has been missing from all NATO vehicles despite their historical usage.

This means tweak shots from BVMs flying around corners no longer guarantee a kill, until Russian players learn to recognize this change they’re going to get smashed.

Yes SPAA does not counter CAS.

Not only does SPAA not counter CAS, the majority of maps in the game are not large enough to allow SPAA room to move. This means CAS instantly knows where you’re going to firing from and can fly with relative freedom not caring about a stray missile.


Nope - Russia still handily stomps top tier with all the broken toys at it’s disposal - assuming equal player skill this hasn’t changed.

The difference is that a whole new influx of rookies are charging headlong to unlock the new T-90M. They find themselves up against NATO players who can actually shoot straight and deploy tactics other than ‘roll face across keyboard’ or ‘press W’.

Sucks I know - but people do shoot back sometimes. Russian BS armour can’t make a player smarter after all…


just be chinese and ufp everyone inexplicably (my main strategy against everyone )

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The only lower ones are Israel and USA, but I wouldnt say USSR is unplayable, USA is more likely is, but Im saying this without much experience in top tier bc only way I can have top tier is either in almost full uptier on Sweden T-80U which I didnt play a lot or T-90A which happened a lot but before this update, as I haven’t played it much since.

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Imagine that allowing NATO vehicles to have survivability they historically have would balance out their win rates.

Now if Gaijin would stop making excuses and give the US theirs we might see their atrocious win rate improved.


Not really, Leopards 2 and STRVs could already have no spall penetrations, its just completely consistent now. Italy for example got no new tanks or spall liners like Japan and France yet their Winrates been good before the update as well.

So I would say its rather new additions for Sweden and Germany simply put being good, while even russian streamers straight up do better In T-80BVM, I have an example of 1 kill 1 assist in T-90M and 10 kills and a cap on BVM in one battle, all on 1 stream of professional.

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Spall liners were not modeled ingame until this update.


Yes this is because the only people insane enough to play Italy / Japan / France are good.

The Big 3 are where the meat grind happens which is why their win rates are what to look at not the ~200 psychotic French players who took the time to grind the Leclerc so they can experience fuel explosions.

They were according to Gaijin words in 2019, anti radiation liners on soviet vehicles also acted like spall liners but worst in comparition. Also check updated comment.

Fuel explosions are really present on soviet tanks.

Yes of course lol! Russia is the strongest top tier nation in every field!

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Yes I’ve had this discussion elsewhere they stated they modeled them and would model them but this was not the case in any tank ingame and was not replicated.

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There’s nothing wrong with Russian tanks, there was a lot wrong with NATO tanks. Spall liners will help close that gap and make the game more balanced. That’s why I’ve been advocating for them for many months.

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Top speed is incorrect on few ground tanks with their engine RPM and power, incorrect gears ratio, few tanks with thermals cant use thermals on their commander if commander override is ON, incorrect reload speed, reload is limited to 6.5-7.1 seconds despite it being possible to reload in 6 or 5 seconds, thats the start, lots of ammunition missing, both for modern and not MBTs. I doubt anti radiation liner is modeled as any spall liner in game as well. Relikt doesnt protect against Tandem Heat shells in game as well.

Everyone always brings this up with autoloaders.

Ammunition switching isn’t modeled, I don’t think people want to wait 10+ seconds to load an HE shell.

Gaijin uses a good average for reload rates that means there wouldn’t be a mechanical failure but are just a little faster than IRL because IRL rates wouldn’t be fun to play.

The only actually bad reload rate is on the Israeli tanks which have abnormally high manual reload rates even with an aced crew for no justification.

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Just as loader using time to find needed shell.

Just as people ask for perfect reload times on Abrams, Leopard 2s, Leclercs and Type-10, I don’t see issue with me asking for 5/6 seconds despite 6,5/7,1 being the standart. Also Autoloader failures were only present on prototype T-64 which used 115mm autoloader to begin with, nor standart T-64, nor prototype T-64 are in game.
And we all know Gaijin hates Israel and Britain in their heart, russian players even joked about how Gaijin nerfed Merkavas and put them on 5.7 BR due to their “IRL experience” being low on forums.

Perfect reload rates on manual tanks are only faster after aced crew, and that’s only against the BVM 6.5s auto loader.

Your price for having a fast reload rate by default, their reload rates are also effected when their loader dies. Yours isn’t and autoloaders can’t be damaged ingame.

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