Russia borderline unplayable now

Russia is now completely unplayable and unbalanced with the new changes , I played like 10 games and died to autoloader failure 8 times or so (can post replays ), thank you gaijin for balancing the Leo away from realism for “balancing” reasons , but then completely murdering Russia for “realism”


Wait, so now you cant rush and not die anymore? Just play more carefully.


welcome to the life of a USA main


Hadn’t played T-72/T-80s, whats the repair time for a damaged autoloader?

I think like 20-14 seconds

its kinda hard when you have the worst pen of any top tier nation so you cannot really snipe, and your 11.3 tanks dont even have second gen thermals, and you cant brawl since 4 km reverse speed


i mean u guys get 5.5 sec reload when aced, russia gets 7.1 sec , usa tanks are faster, better shell, faster reload, more reverse speed only thing where russia is really better is armour


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Wow, its almost like russia has one of , if not the worst mobility at top tier, worst shell so you have terrible pen at range, and autoloader straight up has 0 advantages now since it has worst reload rate at top tier, please tell me a single nation with a worse top tier “tank lineup” after this update exept france and maybe italiy


you do realise that gaijin specifically balanced the leo reoload rate against the abrams for “balancing reasons” while its the exact same loader, and there are videos on youtube of them reloading in 5 sec no problem

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Great britain, Israel, has a pretty bad line. Great Britain’s DevilO6 just said it lol


there is a chally who can go 72km, but even then they actually have a reverse gear and you arnt forced to turn your tank around when you want to reverse, the L72A1 is not the final shell in the uk tree, you can actually grind and get a shell with 80 more pen then the russian one, and even then its a 20 mm pen difference

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Still has waaayyy worse post pen effects,

If you get shot by russian dart, the spalling is wayy out of league compared to other shells

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Abrams also spend 99.9% of their time repairing if they get knicked or if they dont die outright. Like I said welcome to the club. (just for a reference)


if im honest im suprised gaijin actually nerfed the T-series. So ig Next up bad propellant charges, resulting in neg- 20 velocity and pen, and increases Detonation if subjected to spalling to 100%

Its almost like Russian tanks were built in the 70s and never really evolved, oh wait.

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that is true, but that is if you pen in the first place

and right now the leo can only be penned in some places

What about the french? lol

Dude is insane. Soviet tanks have worse mobility than nato tanks, and autoloader is slower than nato tanks loaders

Telling people they need to play to tank STRENGHTS and then telling them T72s are mobile is clearly delusional