Russia and 35G+ missiles

Isnt it a bit weird/unfair that the soviets get 4 different types of 35G+ missiles (Including the 40g R-73) while the rest of nations only have 30g IR missiles (Which the only better thing about them compared to R-73 is smokeless motor) and 25g radar missiles? And not only that they also get amazing airframes with good radars
Is it just another instance of gaijin having a “Favourite child”?


rest of nations?
Isreale: Python 3 40G IR missle
France: Magic 2 35G IR missle
Mantra Super 530D 30G radar missle
China: PL-8 40G IR missle

and you should also take into account when a missle can reach it max overload aka the speed neede since most missles will not pull these G straight of the rail.
The real problem right now is the speed and acceleration of the R27ER that allows you to hit first even when the other guy shot like 5+ seconds before you.


Also Japan now with 40G smokeless AAM3


Also its just the fact that they get 4 different types of those missiles

So the only major nation to get missiles higher than 30G is Russia and the only other nations get one 30G+ missile each, sounds like Russian missile maneuverability is still a problem

Last time i checked there is no plane in the game that pulls even more than 20G anyway … (excluding arcade)
Also Russia is not a Nation Tree in Warthunder but a subtree of the USSR tree with currently only 2 Planes SU39 and MiG-29SMT
Also Germany has the MiG-29G which also gets 40G R73E and thats a major nation

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What kind of pedantic argument is this? Everyone knows he’s talking about the USSR. Stay on topic. It’s still an issue that USSR missiles vastly outperform the missiles of other tech trees. With the modern top tier missile meta, it’s bad balance.


Your view on what other nation’s possess is warped. Reality is not aligned with your views. If you want me to seriously elaborate reply to this comment.

So a Russian export missile gets to have a maneuverability higher than 30G - again, how does that disprove that Russian missiles are a problem?

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im also not complaining about the amount of g it can pull i am complaining about the amount of 35G and higher missiles russia gets

True, but in that there is issues with some nations getting no missiles higher than 30G (while Russia gets nearly a handful of them, both in IR and radar forms)

again, true
ive also seen a clip where a guy gets hit with a 27ET from 23km away, which is kindof overpowered with the 35g pull

Yet USA gets undoubtedly the best irccm with smokeless motors attached to absolutely cracked airframes and totally hasn’t been dominating top tier since danger zone. But yes your conspiracy theory about Russian bias is totally legit.


Gimme a reliable S.530D which doesn’t explode whenever the ennemy start to notch or anything, then you’ll be allowed to use this missile as proof.

Magic-II is somehow far more sensible to flares than the R-73 (despite same values of IRCCM on last Datamine)

Both PL-8 and Python-3 are the same missile and none got IRCCM.


This tells me you do not know how missiles and conversely how g-tolerance works.

That’s currently the only missile that makes the F-15J useful,… → serves nothing if all F-15J got shot right off the bat by R-27ER’s

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F-15s shouldn’t be getting shot right off the bat. That’s on them.

Said “if”

I don’t know what is the meaning of “if” to you,… but to me it means “potentially” or “could be happening” or again “in theory of”


People use the way you phrased your sentence to imply a meaning often. It is a miscommunication. You can lay off the attitude.

I shall lay off attitude when your first answer basically was “they should learn to play”? Funny,…