Russia and 35G+ missiles

because the miscommunication made it sound like you were saying F-15Js were currently dying in droves?

It does also happens in game,… but whatever would be the plane,… IR SHORT RANGE missiles whatever the aircraft is not having the same range as Medium range SARH missiles,… therefore a F-15J or Whatever the aircraft can get shot right off the bat,…

It’s not a L2P argument It’s basic range differences.

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Yeah they can be shot but if you’re good you won’t be lol.

And there You bring L2P argues,…
Can’t talk of Specs with people , because of those L2P argues,…

Let’s go for even more shadowed community and Gaijin unable to read it


You are not typing in good enough English for me to understand you. Just being honest.

If you get hit fro ET at 23 it is literally a skill issue.

1 single random flare or using your eyes would have been enough

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USA: Best IRCCM in the game on 30G missiles.
Germany: 40G missiles.
USSR: 40G missiles.
Britain: Best IRCCM in the game on 30G missiles.
Japan: Best IRCCM in the game on 40G missiles.
China: 40G missiles.
Italy: Best IRCCM in the game on 30G missiles.
France: 35G missiles.
Sweden: Best IRCCM in the game on 30G missiles.
Israel: Best IRCCM in the game on 30G missiles.

It’s rather fair.


Did not mention thrust vectoring on R-73

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That’s what makes it 40Gs instead of ~16Gs for the first 4km of flight.

TV is not limited to impacting g-tolerance.


Which should have 50G for 2.2seconds(rocket engine burning time+dual plane steering ability), and an IRCCM closer to AIM-9M (instead we have 35G and R-73 IRCCM,…)


I only disproves your point saying that Russia is the only Major nation with 30G+ missles.
And before i disprove that russian missle maneuverability are a problem please proof to me that the maneuverabilty is a problem in the first place.

who are you talking to ?

No, but when we get the Aim9 X with in the next two patches pulling 40g’s with the same irccm if not a bit better, we then it will be the best IR missile in the game. The current top dog is the R-73, paired with the Su-27 is freaking scary combo man.

The aim 9M is easy to dodge head on, flair then move left or right while still popping flairs. it takes a few flairs but works. Side profile i get most kills on with the 9m, followed by rear . Again is just dumping flairs while you move and it wont hit.


Bra your F15 stats comedy come back to talk when you play it otherwise enjoy your Su-27…

1 flare after you turn off afterburner followed by a turn is all you need to dodge 9M

And yet no one is complaining about the 73 except US mains who can’t shut off AB FOR 5 seconds. While the vast majority are finding the 9M to be bonkers.

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The 9m isnt really bad. Its people not paying attention and getting shot because the US mains are like zombies going after brains and swarm. Just the other day 4 of my team mates are attacking 1 person while i was getting shot at in a subsonic plane just one mile away.

I shoot at people with the 9m with my f-16 and i take all 6 and a good game i get 2 maybe 3 kills and i get a 73 shot up my tail. most of the time i may get one kill before being shot down by 27er or 73 those things turn on a dime and can be shot at almost 90 degrees while you keep flying straight. I try to not have my burner on when dog fighting unless i need to get some speed.

Every main has issues with another countries setup it seems. With the Russia having missiles with thrust vectoring with flair resistance shot at close range it make in close to impossible to dodge. The aim 9 X would be the closest match for the and feel it would level the playing field a bit. It will be block one 9x’s and thats fine but it will match the 73 in performance. The only thing is the 9x will be smokeless and that really isnt an advantage as you still get the missile marker while its burning. Fired at close range like the M its hard to dodge like the 73.

AMRAAM 120 ( Raytheon is currently working on AMRAAM 120-ER ) would be a close competitor for the 27ER. The only advantage is that it would work just like the AIM 54 where it fire and forget for the most part. The active tracker i think kicks in at 13 miles instead of 9 and the 120 is slimmer and more maneuverable.

What may be keeping things held up with the 9X and the AMRAAM’s speed and range are classified and there is no technical documents that wouldnt bring the wrath of the DOD ( Department of Defense ) and the FBI and probably the rest of the 3 letter agencies. So with out data they would have to make an educated guess on the performance.

Agreed, both IR (40G) and Radar (35G, 5.8M) missiles for Russia currently are a little too OP compared to USA’s 30G 9M and 25G, 4.0M (currently) broken 7M. Nothing else needs to be said.


I mean, Sweden gets RB-71(I don’t know the specific letter designation) are even specified as “dogfight missiles” and have a like 25G pull, radar missiles at Mach 4, semi-active tracking, extremely good, maybe not that good, but good, and as far as I know, the JAS39A can carry quiet a few, 6 if I’m correct. Also has an absolutely fantastic 30mm if I’m, yet again, remembering correctly. I believe the RB71 is essentially an AIM-7M afaik.