Ruhr, Gaurdian Angel event, b17 being too squish

the b17 is way to squishy in game. especially this gamemode. it dies way to fast


I imagine having fighters equipped with laser accurate mouse-aim doesn’t help the situation.


Bombers made of paper and gunners with macular degeneration.

They are not, they take damage very similar to what the US found in tests.

I refer to this explanation:

This is the true reason. Mouse aim increases the accuracy of fighters (and bombers) to a ridiculous degree. IRL most shots misses while in RB most hit. The effective damage is increased by the sheer number of hits mouse aim allows.

This makes it seem the bombers are too squishy, even though they aren’t. The fighters have too much effective firepower. In SB where there is no mouse aim the bombers are actually slightly too robust. And their DM is identical in RB and SB… So it isn’t the bombers causing this.


When you think about it, the game is the exact opposite of historical reality… Fighters have never been able to stop bombers from getting over their targets…
There is certainly another question as to how accurate and effective the bombing was and also whether the losses of bombers and crews balanced the value of the bombed target…
3rd person view and mouse aiming give fighters brutal power…
Perhaps the solution would be a heavy fighter vs. bombers, that is P-38, Me-410A and B-17/B-24 …

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One round played. Was over in 2 minutes. Laughed once and did something else.

It gives bomber gunners brutal power as well.

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Not at all.

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Of course it does, mouse aim has the same effect on bomber gunners it has on fighters.

The exact same, as it adds the exact same assists to the gunners the fighters have as well.

It might not create parity, but that wasn’t my claim. The multiplier it giver to the effective firepower is identical because the effects are the same.

Gunners are seperate from flight controls, so you’re already on the back foot as you give up mouse control flying to get mouse control gunner aiming, which is significantly worse than a plane having aiming and flying combined under mouse control.

Tons of deadzones, limited firepower and the offset angle is like trying to correct the aim of someone across the street, it’s like gun parallax time x100.

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What are you on about?

I was talking about the effective firepower of the weaponry only. And that has the same effect on both gunners and fighters. The same gun on a fighter and bomber will have the same effective firepower than on a fighter.

Bomber design like deadzones are completely irrelevant to that. Guess what mouse aim has no effect on guns the fighter doesn’t have either…

I am not saying that bombers magically become equal to fighters.

I said that mouse aim has the same uqantitive effect (read relative effect) on bomber weaponry that i also has on fighters.

A single mouse aimed 7,7mm browning eill have the exact effective firepower regardless of being fired from a bomber or a fighter because of mouse aim.
Get it now?

If you can’t get them on target it’s not very effective.

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Again i am solely tqlking about the effect of mouse aim, that the effect is equal on both bombers and fighters.

If your target is in a deadzone it isn’t an effect of mouse aim isn’t it?

The relative time to kill increase due to mouse aim to not having mouse aim, is the same regardless whether a fighter and a bomber is shooting.

So bombers dying more quickly when a fighter is shooting at them is offset by the fact that fighters getting shot at by a bomber also die more quickly by the exact same margin.

Since the topic was an imagined weak bomber DM.

This event with current mechanics is pure garbage. You can win only with having a good US fighter team that kills all germans. Bombers used to be more tough to shot down long time ago and even if you play smart and go around enemy just kills ai targets.

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I chuckled at this knowing that there are 15 levels of wrong in this.

It was said somewhere that something like 2% of all the rounds fired from the enemy during the war found their targets

so, yeah the accuracy in game is far higher

The B-17 had no Armour at all, and in another it claims it only took a hand full of 20mm rounds to take out a B-17 and something like 2-3 30mm rounds

A B-17 doesn’t break into 4 pieces after a single bullet hits it either, and a fighter wouldn’t be able to empty all it’s ammo with a 100% accuracy into it either.

Yet in game being hit is like being surgically dissected.


Thats the whole point, accuracy is higher in game

You also do not see the internal damage caused from the war films, the control surfaces are controlled by wires that are strung all around the aircraft, and in some war films you see aircraft lose all control even tho there does not seem to be any external damage

so, lots of things to take into consideration

I mean I’m sure most of the crew didn’t make it out alive there, and the plane is damaged beyond repair, but it takes a significant beating and didn’t explode after the first few bullets.

It would be one thing if a bomber was at least able to take some damage and at the very least require planes to use up some of it’s ammo and be picked apart before going down, rather than be an RP/SL pinata held together with paper mache and toothpicks that explodes every time.

And gunners that actually do something and not have -20 vision.


Way too many encounters just end with the wings exploding and half the time both wings and the tail for good measure.


Gaijin hates true bombers. And I tell you that as an experienced bomber pilot. Also no new true bombers in like almost as year says it all as well.

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