Rudder & Aileron trim missing in ASB


I was playing the 109 F-1 and 190 A-1 in test flight and both had rudder and aileron trim setting available. However, once I got into an Air Sim battle, trim setting for rudder and aileron was not available. There was even a message that the trim settings saved during test flight was set as saved.

I play on xbox, never had this issue before with any of the USA or British planes.

Anybody else have this problem, is this a bug or a feature?

That’s like that by design. The Bf 109 has manual aileron and rudder trim tabs. So you can set and save them in test flight to make your plane fly straighter. In normal flight you only have pitch trim.

Hi Warpig
Thanks for the response. Did not realize they would set it up like that. The problem with these aircraft, like most with powerful engines, is that due to the torque, the trim settings required for takeoff, climb and high speed flight is very different.

The question then is what to set the trim in test flight for. Probably the best would be for mid to high range speeds, that should make handling on patrol less tedious.

In real life aircraft you are constantly trimming, especially for pitch, but also for yaw and roll, depending on phase of flight, speed or altitude.

At leastI have a HOTAS which makes sim flying fairly natural for me, I feel sorry for the guys flying with controller or even M&K.

In conclusion it is not a bug, but a feature.😂
I learned to live with a lot of those in Elite Dangerous.

I like to set the trim at an altitude around 3km, and at cruising speed. Set to where you think you’ll spend the most of your time at.

From my knowledge,in real life German planes were trimmed by the ground crew and that was it .