RP reward for helicopters is too low

Planes are given ~7k research for killing 3 planes.

Helicopters are given ~1.5k research for killing 5 tanks.

Why the disparity in rewards?



2 things.

  1. Ease of use

  2. Gaijin thinks so

Actually, I think its just RP rewards are stupidly low in general.

Had that game the other night, was kinda amazed by how little i got


Yeah, really feeling the last bit of 2023 not giving us the RP and other Econ-esque changes on the road map as screwed us over comepletely.

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Yeah, I think they reduced how much RP things cost but then massively reduced how much RP you can actually get. Its another reason why I just dont enjoy GRB as much at the moment, Grind feels beyond slow, its feels like a crawl

Post your K/D as a helicopter.

Same, and idk how gaijin runs a “good-streak,” but it feels as If for one good game (base bombed, 4 targets destroyed, 200% RP booster, and only 17k RP at 9.0 with the A32A) and then the rest of the night is horrible. Maybe it’s my luck, but it feels gaijin is against us constantly behind the code.

Yeah, even a really really good match like:

Most of those kills were in the Rooivalk, so a premium heli.

Still doesnt feel very much.

I just dont know how they justfy the RP gains, could almost do with being doubled

Oh, yeah, about that, yet another show of either gaijin hating me, or my generational bad luck. Idk I can’t find it anyway, but it’s probably bad.

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I don’t understand what this sentence means. Post your K/D as a helicopter I would like to see your statistics to understand whether your previous statement has merit.

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And where might I find that? I’m currently on my phone, not my computer, because it’s late and I have to work tomorrow. If you might pull for me, please feel free. Just don’t be surprised if it’s bad, as yet again, my horrible luck, also could be swedens horrible early helicopters.

So, didn’t fully read that, eh’?

When you are able to show your statistics please do so.

Might be awhile, as I’m away from it for a while.

So, you see now, 181 kills, in a horrible Helicopter. Very hit or miss, as you have to get close to use most of these effectively.

It doesn’t seem that helicopters are “easy” to use.

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For gaijin, increase RP reward is very challenging. They have even postponed a planned boost in research reward, originally slated for October of the previous year, now rescheduled to June this year. This situation is deemed quite ridiculous.

Research bonus for new nations is a global increase of all sources. It is not meant to increase helicopter research and it is not a supplement for an increase to specifically helicopter research. Helicopter research in the present state of the game is too slow.

Could be due to the difference in rp cost between them. Takes a lot more rp to grind out the plane tech tree than the heli one.