RP reward for helicopters is too low

Total RP required versus time required.

Air is faster despite being a higher total. That’s assuming you’re taking all planes, you could very easily skip around massively reducing said grind.

In GRB with the worst Helios in the game. Yeah, literally any other heli past the first two or three are fine.

When you have played them and have statistics to back up your understanding of how they play I will give credence to your opinion.

Not really an opinion. It’s just a subjective fact that early helicopters are bad, some nations more than others. Ive seen it from others who play other nations, that they will do better because they have better helicopters. Anyway, you wouldn’t care!

“ease of use”

You have less than 1 kill for every two deaths lol.

SPAA is the easiest vehicle class to play and do well in, especially as the anti-CAS crowd continually asks for them to be buffed.

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I’ve been researching the AH-1F for a month now, I usually get 2-5 kills a game in helis, and I’m not even half way through it yet.

I just want the AH-1Z!!!

That is not the opinion you stated previously that I asked you to provide statistics for. You stated helicopters are given poor RP rewards because of their “ease of use”. Your stats have shown that helicopters are not “easy to use” thus your opinion has no merit.

Irrelevant. SPAA is easy to kill and counter you are given 360 degrees freedom of movement. You can choose to engage them at any time you wish. SPAA themselves are stuck on the battlefield in their spawn and have to contend with the enemy team pushing. They can’t rearm themselves (although they may get this feature if the new roadmap is implemented) as CAS can.

SPAA should be fundamentally stronger than CAS. CAS strength / SPAA strength is irrelevant to the rewards given to helicopters. Helicopters are not easy to use, but even if they were “easy to use” they should not be penalized so heavily in terms of RP.

Yes, I know, I’m not the world’s best player, mostly because I play for fun most of the time. But, have you played the HKP3C? The bantam missiles it uses are the tie for first place slowest missiles in game. Not to mention, it only gets 2km range, so you have to get in SPAA range to use them, unless you are being super observant, you might not see it, and the missile is so slow that your target will either die before it gets there, or go behind some cover. If Sweden had a decent “low-tier” helicopter, my KDR would likely be higher. For example, my current grinding plane is the AJ37, just got it last night, I am not currently doing too hot in it, as it is new to me, a new playstyle I have to learn, and new BR I have to learn. Roughly 12-14 battles with a .6 KDR.

Planes are difficult to use somehow?

This is true. I guess I’ll throw out my statement!

SPAA is literally the most difficult and least rewarding thing to play.


they are easy

Also an example of good helicopters. 😁

You can research helicopters with ground vehicles by ticking the box in the bottom right of the research panel. But researching modifications for any helicopters you unlock is still extremely slow and painful.

Yeah I agree with this. I feel like the rate of RP gain in ground realistic battles is crap for all vehicles, not just helicopters. They just suffer more than tanks because it’s rare to have a long lifetime in helicopters if you are forced to use rockets/short range weapons.

Sorry, I didn’t mean it as a personal attack against you - I just meant that the rewards for trying to research modifications on helicopters are absolutely miserable. I’m doing the same with the AH-6M at 10.3, with no stock atgms, and it is torture. I’m below 1.0 KD because of how difficult it is to get kills with rockets without dying.

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Completely ignoring the capabilities of the helicopters in your screenshot it does not justify the present reward rate.

With 1100 kills you’ve gained 260k research, that’s barely enough for one helicopter. Do you recognize this is bad?

Try getting there without the premium heli.

just get them with tank research