RP is bugged

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The rp gains have been bugged. why does my prem gain modification research like a unspaded normal vehicle…

Researching a vehicle 2 ranks higher gets you a -60% penalty of research points for vehicle research.

So 25,106 (shown as modification research) with a -60% = 10,042 (your vehicle research)

Explained in here (near the bottom of the page): Research Points - War Thunder Wiki

The various penalties are:

Rank difference Research of high-ranked vehicles while using low-ranked vehicles Research of low-ranked vehicles while using high-ranked vehicles
0 No penalty No penalty
1 No penalty -10%
2 -60% -70%
3 -70% -90%
4 -80% -95%
5 -80% -95%
6 -80% -95%
7 -80% -95%

Edit: just to clarify, researching a lower rank vehicle with a Premium shouldn’t give a penalty as Premiums can research lower vehicles with no penalty.

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is that also accounted for premiums? because that is a seriously flawed system. and i have not seen that the other way around before, when i started grinding the british air tree with the f4j uk. a game which i gained 25k rp would literally grind multiple planes in the first rank. so now suddenly a premium cant grind above itself in a tech tree?

I have noticed grinding with a spaded non premium with a talisman that it takes a long time to grind the lower ranks, but when i switch to a premium it has negated the issue

Yeah pretty sure that is the case.

On the A-5C Premium stat card you’ll see the “Max vehicle research efficiency” is ranks 1 - 7. “Max vehicle research efficiency” are the ranks you don’t get penalised.


i must have not noticed since the added rank 8… god it pisses me off what this company does. this is some mafia shit haha, im so done with this game. thanks for the reply man


@LordTesticl :
As the vehicule you research is Rank 8–> you’re outside of the range for 100% research rate.

it honestly feels like a punch in the face for the time and money spent on something i enjoy so much. its straight up an evil business

lolwat? This was told to you in-game from the start. Nothing “evil” about this, this isn’t greedy, this is just a game mechanic they chose to incentivize people play more vehicles.
Also, F-5E, J-8F, etc are all better jets to grind with than A-5C.


It works like this for 8 years and is written both on the plane card and in the rules.
It is just like life, your golden tricycle won’t work well in the Rally Monte Carlo either.

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Having a new tier changes nothing. It’s still valid researching the tiers it researched when you bought it. That hasn’t changed. Just like the 10+ years before this new tiers get added and new premiums are required to get the same top tier grinding bonus.

It’s not a scam, evil, backhanded or even a surprise. It’s always been this way and it could barely be any clearer. It’s right there on the start card.


Aren’t multiple accounts against the TOS? 163 days not in and 11 years with less than 2k games.

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Your account was registered the 5th may 2021
Yes, we can check that here:

So either you lied and then we can’t trust anything you say, or disrespected the TERMS OF USE and your account should be banned.
(Also must say that your name account is already in breaking of the Terms of use, as you’re refering to Sexual organs)

A-5C came in “Direct Hit” Update
Source: A-5C - War Thunder Wiki

“Direct Hit” update was made the 7th September 2021
Source: Update "Direct Hit" - War Thunder Wiki

So you had at least 4 months to inform yourself → you can’t be complainning about not knowing how the game works.

Just because someone knows more than you do, doesn’t make him a bot.

Sure it has been an issue: Rank 2 can’t research rank 4 effectively and so on. Even 8 years ago. It has been this way since I joined. And just because I don’t realize it right away, it doesn’t make it an evil ploy.

And you never noticed? Sounds like Hanlon’s razor to me.

And you (LordTesticl) don’t have an A-5C on your account.


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Single house with full garden… ;-)

New ranks are always just a way to sell new premiums. That’s always what they’ve been. I dislike it, but there’s a difference between it being bad and being evil. I can think of a lot of actually evil things. None of them involve War Thunder.

The RP penalty is absurd though, 70 to 95% is just robbery.

Its because of the way vehicle and mod costs scale as tiers go up. If RP rewards were evenly applied you’d be able to unlock all of a low tier tree in only a few games of a high tier premium. And it also discourages “seal club” farming low tiers to grind higher level.
Is that fair is a different question than why.