RP and SL bonuses from playing ASB

I was wondering what the multipliers for both RP and SL were for bombing bases, kills, and taking out ground targets. Does anyone have any tips or tricks as well? I have been using the A32A to bomb bases and got 8k RP from only 3 bases, are there better ways to grind RP?

8k RP is pretty good, you’re not going to get a whole lot more in shorter games, even with really good games I don’t get more than 13k and they need to last a while.

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If I recall correctly, rewards in air simulator battles are time-based; simply select a long match and remain active throughout the battle.

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Just play to complete your objectives and the rewards will come. Bombing bases and completing objectives are the best ways to score, and they also contribute to the win.

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Nop, they are capped by time, they are based on objectives, but you have a maximum SL/min and RP/min, so If you make a lot, you have the same reward that if you make a little.

And if you are just roaming around, you get nothing, unless you get killed by another player, that’s acounted as an objective.

That is exactly what I meant by time-based; the reward you earn is mostly determined by your “action” per time unit, but you cannot earn more than a certain rate because it is time-based and capped. It is not like players can farm indefinitely and keep increasing the reward; once you have reached the maximum earning per minute, your reward will remain constant within that time unit regardless of the score.

What is the best way to maximize it?

My advice would be to constantly do something in the match; anything really. Bomb some bases, take out some AI units, and engage in PvP with other players. If there are not enough players in the match, do not be afraid to bring a multi-role load out. You are able to perform numerous tasks while seeking out the enemy. This will keep you active and maximize your reward, rather than flying aimlessly for half an hour without doing anything significant.


Thank you for your help, I will try this, but Sweden doesn’t have a great multirole until the JAS39, still, it is greatly appreciated.

Depends on tier: at BR 8.3, the Saab 105G is my favourite multi role aircraft: You can engage bases with it and on the way home engage air targets with AIM-9B’s…

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If I am correct, the max score per useful action is 1200, once you reach that score just bother around not dying, until you complete the 15 mins (useful actions)
Then just repeat the process

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…and look for a discord canal with nice people. it’s more fun as a clan/squadron.

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At the same time, diminishing returns on rewards begin around 500-600 score, netting you 80-90% of possible max rewards, if memory serves me right.

Same principle applies to Heli PvE, with 250/500 scores respectively and 10min timer.

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Landing after you completed an objective is also important.
I had matches where 25% of my SL came from landings.
The most “effective” way to play is doing 1-2 objectives, land and then go to the toilet for 5 min.
When you got your reward, takeoff and repeat ;)

Its just so demotivating that performance is not rewarded.
No wonder, the pve lobbies came up. PVP is just not rewarding. You can even loose SL for trying.

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