Rooftop machine guns turn too fast

It’s called skill and experience.

Something you lack in regards to helicopter play.

The only reducing my statement does is in regards to your obscenely ignorant claims. You’ve dug yourself an extremely deep grave on this hill of yours.

I suggest you stop before you have no dignity left to sacrfice.

Yes moving your mouse so your camera spins 180 degrees and instantly firing at a helicopter is an experience.

This topic is far away from a normal discussion due to the fact that the OP can’t remember is own claim “rooftop machine guns turn too fast” from the title and cannot provide any evidence other then his own experience and perception from the game.
Nobody that showed up here was able to confirm his perception or experience and since then the OP only tried you keep this topic running by disctracting, offending, asking counterquestions, give no answers to questions, trying to exclude other members from the discussion, going off topic and is unable to remember own statements.
Short he has no interest in what you say or argue.

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First off, I use a controller most of the time.

Second off, I hardly utilize air target track because it messes up my aim.

Third off, yes it is and the weapon traverse is accurate in speed.

Fourth off, and this is really important; You have provided no factual evidence in the form of verifiable documentation that backs up your claim that is solely based off of emotion. Your arguments have no merit or ground to stand on and this whole thread has been nothing but you throwing a temper tantrum because you play helicopters poorly and are punished accordingly for it.

This entire thread was a waste of time and I hope it’s closed and deleted soon.

Except that it doesn’t require an exposed crew member to utilize.

Fundamentally unbalanced.

Look at the SARC MkVI (6PDR)

The roof mouted .50 acts like a remote turret, you can literally hide behind cover and fire the .50 over the top and track and kill tanks because it’s low BR and there is NOTHING the enemy can do because there is no crew modeled.

Cheesy gameplay right here.

Yes this is an open top vehicle which has exposed crew members.

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